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On the radio glad you're here across the country millions listening. I'm going to try and sell under the sound of the trump. He'll be saying I want to ask. Thanks thanks with you. We we paid sounds impressive but obviously you have done it because I still sound like crappy. Elvis durant in the morning show. I don't know for some reason I keep thinking about the Jonas brothers. I don't know why we were out on vacation on on the honeymoon and all that kind of stuff I I got a text toussaint congratulations and we're watching them They're still out on the roads everywhere. I think there in Kansas City last night or the night before they you know when they decided to put it all back together and go out on the road. I'm assuming they know what it's like to be on the road. They know it's a lot of hard work and now they have families. It's like but they look like they're having a great time. I think they're having a better time this time around because I don't think they're taking themselves as seriously as they did the first time around. They look like they're having fun right and the families are coming along which is really cool. I mean Danielle and I were staring hard. Core the families as much as we could at their concert at the contest. We'll be watching the Jonas brothers. There's no we're watching Priyanka. Chopra Turner and Daniel Daniel Evans Wife Danielle had a big birthday party and they're on that huge Jonas brothers jet yeah which is the size of of Air Force One right and so our our friend Mikey Russo the a wedding and party planner to the stars decided to throw a little party for on the jet sounds sounds fancy so they got together to wish Daniela Happy Birthday. Just keep an eye on the Jonas brothers. I know they're going to be in Dallas tonight tomorrow night. You're not done. They've got a lot more more to go and I can't wait till it's over and ask them if they really truly enjoyed the experience as much as they thought they would. It's kind of where you all right. Thank you got to be a little tire lease. I mean we jingle jingle ball season on the way. We only do like three shows. We're four and out. They do like thirty thousand around the room. We'll start with you Danielle. What's on your mind today so yesterday. I was trying on boots and my closet you know like I like to get rid of replenishing Dino Ranger boots. I put on a booties this morning but then I realized it was going to be eighty degrees but I don't think it matters. It's full so here's my question even if it's fallen eighty degrees. Can you still wear boots. Toed boots talpet open toes but these are closed fine. I'm fine right. Where would you want no matter when you know what my mom always used to say hey she said if it don't hurt don't look good. Lord you wear those painful. These are actually coffee wearing boots then. Thank you comfy my a favorite cat froggy. What's up with you today. You know just want to confirm that when we were in Santa. Fe for your W us. Samantha got stuck in a bathroom. Somebody here just got stuck in an office couldn't get in their office and I broke in once again with credit card. You can break in a lock with a a credit card. If you think you can't you can't I got I got him out of the bathroom and I just hope somebody breaking their office here the radio station with a capital under the rescue. That's like does work as a hero. You aren't so as a capital one yes and get you out of a locked room. Whatever you gotta taking an entering taking capital. That's why it's important to have your capital one card on you at all times producer. Sam what's up with you. I want to remind everyone that Karma is so real and it could be a funny little bitch sometimes dinner. One of the girls I was with one night decided. She liked the plate that we were eating off of so she decided to steal it. She got caught by a staff member. WHO approached her inside. I saw you put that in your bag and she played stupid. She said talk about whatever well she felt guilty later on tonight so we brought it back to return it and the person said I knew you d back took the plate and gave her her cell phone. Oh drunk girl left her cell phone there and when she said you knew I left this and you're gonNA give it back the place that Oh it's okay when you do it. Karma is a bitch yep so you know all's well that ends well but don't steal stuff guys. Don't leave the room. I WanNa talk to you. Sam About Your Bachelorette party from here. Wasn't your Bachelorette party but someone else right right. What's up with you today. Gandhi hello I don't know if you guys have any idea how much of a bill you have to have like a dollar bill or twenty dollar bill to be able to use it because there's a little bit of a scuffle in Europe in my fifty dollar are fifty euro got ripped. Can I go exchange it. I feel like I have enough of it. Oh I'm showing its Elvis right now. Three American currency it's more than half of the bill but and you have more but that's such that's the euro. I don't know I would take it to your local. La Bank and see if they'll take it. I'm going to try because that's not fifty fifty euros a lot. I I gotta go. Get it back all right. I like that question. What's a Scotty been the United States. You have to have one serial number intact and then they'll reassure you. That's let's the euro. Can you go look down your nose. The weirdest study I have all the Scotty can't find his way home after work tell you he could tell oh you wanna know that currencies got got a number from you serial number so cute yeah he is. He's so producer Sam Hi. I came into work yesterday after honeymoon off a week and I'm like we're saying oh she's on a five day BACHELORETTE party. I'm like well. That's gotTa be good news career so you got kicked out of a club. Yes that's because someone puked in the corner shooting happening. That happens does it. Yes Oh you broke a pool. No we caught someone breaking a Jacuzzi whilst having sex how do you breakage cousy whilst having sex a foam in it for a bubble bath which you're not supposed to do now progress from watching a couple of get it onto watching a couple nakedly try and scoop foam out of this okay so how many any of you were on this Bachelorette Gig. There were nine of us and you know it's just a headache about to happen. So can you tell us where you went. Yeah we were out of beautiful order was breathless in Cancun. Okay so nice and we made it look a little engineer. Did you have did they change the name topless. Girls did get caught skinny dipping so yeah that would have been appropriate so I'm assuming that if you're on a Bachelorette weekend yours an extended bachelorette weekend with nine girls there's it's GonNa be a lot of people getting caught doing things yeah. There was always something and I'm usually the Jewish mother but even I got scooped up a little bit the worst thing that you recall don't do it. The worst thing. I think I recall doing myself was oh. We broke into a travel agency party. They're having a party. We tried to get they said No. He said fine so snuck in through the beach instead of just letting it just fine. I well we were with people there and then one of the people who work there airside. Excuse me who throwing the party invited you and we got busted. Got Us all right but it wasn't. They weren't overly mean. They're like all right. Get Out and we all had a good life. That's not so bad. Did anyone in your Bachelorette party of nine. Get into more trouble than that yes okay. Let's hear that the girls took Tequila shower and then proceeded to throw up in the corner when we were asked to leave decided it was a better idea to instead confront the bouncer and say they know I got it all out not GonNa do it again. I'm fine. I'm fine now. It's fine and she started to kind of put our hands up on the bouncer meaning to to reassure him but not what you're supposed to do so a couple of us had to grab her and escort her out while he intercom to other people get so she was in the earpiece. He's was that the worst thing that happened at the bachelor. Party was pretty bad as far as getting in trouble yeah. That's the worst hey here's a tip. If you throw up in a club you don't WanNa stay. Just WanNa get out because first of all thank goodness. Someone else is going to clean up after you secondly. You don't want people to see oh. There's the girl that does mama girl Puke breath. Get Out of here yeah so gross and you definitely want to put your hands on a bouncer tastes. Don't do it the bouncers there to keep you safe not to hold you up. Once Gary just got a text that said that they went to breathless for a Bachelorette party as well. They were swingers. They're having sex in the hot TUB. Oh Yeah we saw hot hot subsets swingers. I didn't ask them okay. Imagine how much back there. There's a lot of stuff floating in that water. Thanks Lou someone turned the hot tub into alphabet soup trust pool at the playboy. See here's my thing I I love doing it. I like making out all that kind of stuff but when you do it in public like a frog for instance and Atlanta's frogging oggy and Lisa were doing like the discovery channel there in the bushes and nobody saw that in the landscape well. You don't know that nobody saw that there are cameras everywhere anywhere in Atlanta. Someone saw that God I hope so. I think I did a pretty good job that session things about froggy so romantic he calls. How's IT essentially that's why it doesn't get it as much as he wants so to me. I would rather just not have such a crazy weekend but the BACHELORETTE party thirty nine girls all the trouble you've got into it. I know there are other situations. Yeah tiffany is is it worth it do. Are you ready to go on another one. I mean is this something you would like to do. I admittedly admittedly I flew back early yesterday. I realized I couldn't do it for as long as possible so I waited until the last night we had our party and I said okay girls. I'm GONNA go fly. Standby Mbai packed my bags and left there for you. Yeah I couldn't handle it I was I'd be crying today at work and you guys are tired of doing that. Never get enough. You cry working. I see I see like an invitation coming in Bachelorette party the weekend of liver half of me be like oh how nice and half of me we'll start to vomit hunky real. That's not but I don't know. It's one of those things you have to do. You do and try not to think about it and you hydrate and you try not to to drink the water in foreign countries. That's really all you can do. Those are the rules. We had a key word. If one girl needed to get to the bathroom immediately because of water you said Piquiachu and the rest of us into action action how many drunk people can remember the word pitches anyway. We'll welcome back in one piece Danielle. We missed you report thirty minutes ago. It gives us a few headlines. I WANNA do a few. Thank you Sam Cahan. You'll great here. Warn thank you can can. I tell you though as soon as Danielle saw her she was like Oh i see oh you got shoes on. You know she's been having don't wear those ashamed. We're going to a Bam Bam going to start with Danielle some headlines and they were going to get the three things you need to. Hollywood's bleeding post malone sold old another hundred ninety eight thousand copies. It's number one on the charts again. cupcake following cupcakes through rapper but cupcake has quit. I actually do follow her music business. I was watching her live instagram okay so she said she's corrupting the youth because she had a a weekend she accused. Camila Cabello of being racist of Shawn Mendez of being gay and she fails might not have been the right thing to do and so. She's wrapped in a blanket telling the world now that she's quitting music. She's an artist cake. We'll be back okay goes through this every now and then joey and Chandler from friends or number one on the list of the best onscreen friendships of all time a Monica and Rachel from friends come come into number two and Harry and Ron from Harry Potter come in at number three great to the front boy the name cupcakes available. Yes he's case. I'd make sure you check out the new trailer for frozen. We have it up for you. At Elvis. Duran DOT COM comes out in November the movie and this is a little over two minutes so it's definitely worth checking out this trailer and of course this is us is on tonight. Everybody's talking about.

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