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One zero two nine FM south Tampa, nine seventy W F L LA all over Tampa Bay. Bill cunningham. The great American, you know, many Democrats, especially a Cossio Cortes coming in congresswoman from New York City is made the comparison that somehow Jews fleeing Nazi Germany are kind of the same as migrants coming out of Central America coming into trying to come into America and many Democrats have compared the Republican party to the Nazis and Trump to Adolf Hitler. Joining us now from live from Shiloh Israel's a former mayor of Shiloh, David Rubin. Also, author of the book Trump in the Jews David Ruben from Shiloh, Israel, welcome to the Bill Cunningham show and David Ruben. How are you? I'm doing just great good to be with the Bill. Good to have you with me. Again. How do you react as an Israeli Jew to the comparison that what's happening on our southern border with the migrants being gassed, which by the way, happened much more under the Obama administration than under Trump or the migrant children are putting cages which happened much more under Obama than it did with Trump, but just in general is like a real Israeli Jew. How do you react to the comparisons in America that you see on CNN that Trump is like Hitler Republicans are like Nazis, and what's happening on the southern border is similar to what Jews went through in Europe. Well, Bill is a we have to stop all of this ridiculous name calling. You know, the the reason why I wrote my most recent book something that June's is because I think we have to put an end to this name calling the name calling. Not only is is unwanted is totally unjust fun. Totally not true. If we're talking about the caravan migrants. So we're talking about President Trump or we're talking about Jewish families fleeing Nazi Germany, let let's let's talk about the sex. Let's let's stop the the dogma and one thing that the does very well as dogma, and so you have this this this congresswoman this new congress woman, also congress girl Alexandria Cossio court. Who? A ceaselessly congress girl. But, but I'm I'm very serious because the fact is that it. Ignorant reminds me of a President Reagan's. Comment during the debate. When when he said, he's not gonna let aids be a be a factor in this campaign. I'm not I'm not going to talk about my my opponents opponents in experience. The fact is that Cossio Cortes symbolizes, the far less and and their their ignorance the blind radical less dogma of saying caravan migrants, so similar to Jewish families fleeing Nazi Germany. Okay. Let's examine it from the facts caravan migrants are coming north mostly mostly young men and the coming coming north and traveling to to into trying to get into the United States illegally. And because they because they wanna get jobs. I mean, I see no evidence at all of any kind of persecution. Okay. Now you compare. It's a far less compares to Jewish families fleeing Nazi Germany. Well, there was never a question that the Jews who who who are fleeing Nazi Germany who were trying to get into. Whatever countries they they could get into it ever conscious would take them that they were fleeing Nazi slaughter the fleeing Nazi persecution. There was never a question about that. Whether you are on the far left or the right or the moderates or the or the moderate right on the moderate left. It didn't matter. Everyone knew that they were seeking asylum because there were scaping persecution and death to compare them to the MO survey migrants is obscene. Well, the other factor. David Rubin is that America last year legally admitted one point seven million from around the world, mainly from central and South America open. Also from Africa Asia Europe, we are a nation of legal immigrants with last year. One point seven five million. There was another one million new overstayed their visas either for students or for vacationers now still are in this country. According to one estimate, we have twenty two million illegals. In the country. Today, we have about forty million Americans that do not speak English at home. So it's a lie. And it's hard to say that America is not welcoming all kinds of immigrants because gosh, we admit legally one point seven five million. And so I've also heard the argument that for example today in Tijuana, there's about six thousand wedding to enter the country illegally of the six thousand about four thousand our young men one thousand or women and one thousand or children, and they're being used as pawns by the radical left to make it look as if Trump is behaving differently than Obama behaved, which is factually inaccurate. Can we control the southern border? Imagine Israel to where you live in Israel today. Imagine there's no borders in Israel whatsoever. And the Palestinians can come back and forth all day one fences make for great neighbors. So what would happen in Israel today? If you. You didn't have border fences. Well, little little known fact Bill on the southern border. There is a wall on the southern border of Israel. Separating Israel from Egypt. There is a wall. There's a high tech wall. In fact. Home security secretary Nielsen came to Israel to visit that wall. So that the Trump administration could learn from what Israel has done. There was very serious illegal immigration going going back about five to ten years ago. Very serious legal immigration coming in from northern Africa. And. All kinds of problems that all settling in south Tel Aviv. And there was a sharp increase in in street crime. What's with Tel-Aviv really didn't never had before? And and all of a sudden, they're rapes in their murderers. And and Israel governor made a decision to do something about it. They built a wall. Yep. A serious high tech wall. And I'm not talking about offense. I'm talking about a wall. And and it's and since then since it was completed in two thousand fifteen with some upgrades a year later. The immigration the illegal immigration. Of course, there's regular legal immigration, but the illegal immigration has stopped completely. And in fact. Those from North Africa now, no they can't go there. So they stay where they are. And I've heard the argument from Central American academics that have five countries in Central America with which have who have terrible problems, the empty out as a terrible thing because Honduras need to solve Honduran problems Guatemalans need to solve the problems in Guatemala, El Salvador, nieces, sell the solve the problems there. And so it's bad for the Central American economies in the country themselves to lose the young to March north it's bad for those countries, and it's bad for our country because we go through a process to become a legal immigrant. You have to have medical tests and you have to educational achievement. You have to take a test and all that is skipped, but by legal so come across the southern border, and for many years, David Ruben of shallow, Israel, the Democratic Party was exactly the same. Same as the Republican party on immigration, in fact, in twenty seven you had Obama Hillary Clinton, and you Chuck Schumer you Ed sent Senator Reid of Nevada all voting to add funding and build the wall on the southern border. You had in twenty fourteen which wasn't exactly the dark ages President Barack Hussein Obama made frequent speeches about the evils of illegal migration into our country from diseases and economics, they don't fit in that was twenty fourteen. So the Democratic Party made the decision after losing elections. You know, what we gotta do is get rid of the middle class American devote for the Democrats. We have to substitute them with a legal aliens from central and South America detect the place a middle class Americans, which will collapse the society. I see Africans moving into Europe. I see Muslims trying to get through Israel to get into south eastern Europe. I see the migrant world on the southern border. There's an unlike a worldwide effort. To come into developed countries to destabilize them, whether it's Germany or France or America, this destabilization doesn't help the native countries you these migrants hurts us in Israel is the perfect example of a functioning democracy in the heart of the Middle East between Syria and Iraq to fallen completely broken states. And now Israel is standing alone by itself. Can you tell me why when I speak to American Jews that Trump is so unpopular in America? When Trump is very popular in Israel. Well, well, build that that was the motivation for writing my book trumping the Jews, I I have an entire chapter and more which is devoted to the whole question about why do why did of American sues votes for Hillary Clinton? And why Americans who so vociferiously post the President Trump? Well, it's not entirely true. Those who those Jews who are more connected to to their roots into the to the biblical heritage. Those June's which would be called orthodox Jews in America. Those those Jews tend to vote Republican and those Jews tend to support President Trump. So great appreciation for what President Trump is done. I mean, he he's been a tremendous president as far as strengthening the bonds between Israel and the United States. And I'm not talking about what he's done for the economy's tremendous job to me and for other things. Restored American deterrence. But but but he has strengthened that Israel United States relationship. He he did away with the Iran nuclear deal. He he he would which would have just give around given the Ryan and easy path to nuclear bomb within a few years. He's imposed strict sanctions on them. Again. He moved the embassy the US embassy to Jerusalem. Israel's capital where belongs he recently gave the order to close down the Pilo office the Palestine Liberation office office in in in Washington. So he's been doing a great job. The challenge is to to help American Jews to understand what the roots are that that they are a great people that that who whose leader Moses received the ten commandments on Mount Sinai, that's his Jewish heritage of anybody's heritage. And of course, it's become. Heritage of western civilization Judeo Christian civilization. So I think that a lot of these clarities I cleared up in my book trumping the juice, and it's it's not just the book for for all Americans to read. But it's also specifically a book for the for Jews like Chuck Chuck Schumer to read and to read with an open mind that understand the facts of what's going on today. Well, you know, what what is sad is that I have great respect for the Jews. My my boss is a Jewish carpenter and the Jews what you've done in the Middle East, and flowering that desert is unprecedented to friends we have in the Middle East. I think is Saudi Arabia. There an occasional friend. But the Jewish people in Israel has been there constantly for us. And I. So bill. I just wanna say Saudi Arabia is one of the most fascinating developments that, but but was Saudi Arabia. It's I agree. Saudi Arabia has been working with the United States and also with Israel. But but that's an arrangement of interest. Right. And it's a it's a connects convergence of interests. And that's okay. That's okay between nations, but but with Israel and the United States is a convergence of interests. And it's also convergence of values. It's a it's a commonality of the values that not too many countries in the world have David Rubin. Former mayor of Shiloh, Lastly, I I would say this that that is sad. What I see happening to our president being viciously attacked by Jews in the Senate like Chuck Schumer and others for pursuing a policy, which is emboldened the Israelis and others. I could not imagine if we had four two. Eight more years of the policies of Barack Hussein Obama arming the Iranians and making sure they had a nuclear weapon, how long Israel would exist because the cult in charge of Iran right now are fatalist, and they think somehow by obliterating Israel. The Oman will arise from the twelfth. Well, somewhere in the near home. And suddenly the world is going to be a better place are radical Muslim extremist believe that death is the way to have life and to spend time with oh seventy two versions, but but Jews on the other hand, I think people's God's Representative on earth is United States of America. But the one president the best friend Israel has ever had in the presidency is Donald J Trump would you agree?.

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