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Know. So i'm just looking at these scores real quick. I mean You know. Brown's baker definitely. Did this day you know he did stay. Browns forty seven forty two amine. What what more can you ask. Forty two points for an offense bills bills are looking good man bills of up and down but they waxed the steelers. So i knew the steelers wasn't as good as people said forty niners. Having you know super bowl hangover. Mike not victory hangover but getting to the super bowl. Hangovers 'cause plummet thinner. Five eight shared washington. Football team is the their division. I mean saints got beat by the eagles but you know they didn't use tastes hill like they did last couple of games and drew brees. You know he's doing back charges. Beat falcons i mean just a herbert is definitely the quarterback. For the future for the falcons. I think it's about time to move on from matt ryan about china move jets got wax by the seahawks but i mean who. Ain't waxing the seahawks these. I mean the jets these days. Yeah forty three mean anything you know. The jets scored anymore points to that. It hasn't been embarrassments. The seahawks behalf colts look good. Forty four to twenty seven. I mean on the raiders. Not sold on the raiders and coats. Definitely a good solid team in good salad team but play tom. I'm not sold on them either. Because you know they got philip rivers tampa bay versus devices good. But i still don't think we've seen the best a tampa yet. I think tampa could be so much better with all the players in the options. They have on air Cardinals beat the giants calories. Definitely you know. Put himself out. There is one of the best guys in the league. chiefs dolphins. I mean dolphins. You know what man dolphins have. A good future headed him i. Dolphins in the bills are going to be competing for that. Afc division for the next couple years. Man i mean. At least three to five years i would they. They got two young quarterbacks on each of those team's defenses look solid especially dolphins defense. Patrick mahomes had his worst game ever against them. They barely beat the dolphins. You know but it's still scary. Patrick mahomes can have like.

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