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What happens. After you say drug drug trafficker trafficker like yeah like he's the guy that he thought to columbia taking it up now. You don't like distributing they consider that trump think that a black guy we even a white guy. That's an athlete even in even in retirement. They're still pretty much in good shape. We use it not the whole city a drug traffic. What does the drug trafficker looks like to get the mostly. The mostly women cash with a baby hold on. That's latino not not. Not this discriminate. Their men short guys. Maybe talk is mostly latino mostly black average looking people. You can't have you can't be a big football player as a drug trafficker. It doesn't fit the description city. What does your normal drug city. The corner that sell the we'd yeah jurmala now. Disrespect mongo disrespected jamal. Say that respectable. Respectfully joe girardi we say please do not beloved but calling five seven zero ninety two. You don't see a young athlete in his prime in this. In the early twenties standing being a drug trafficker like that 'cause they stand out average built guy the senate twenty. Yes a female. Yes you don't like arnold schwarzenegger somebody like. That was a drug traffic. And you kinda know what does knows. They probably weren't one the ones that they probably distributing it. They probably had you know which i think is the problem because people know them. I think they're notoriety. Probably is what ultimately ends up doing them in right because there's so many people talking about you know from yo yo look braun man. Lebron is one of my top customers. I couldn't imagine before we move on. We're gonna shut up too quick announcements. And i just want to go back since we don't look this little bit sports. I gotta go back to this from yesterday. And i apologize cine disputed guns things really bothering me. I'll with the thing with cisco from love hip hop right. I know they got to get the 'cause. I know we talked about this but it is seen anything regarding sin is promoted all over the place of what these guys to call in. Because and lamar odom city is on the card who i never even was boxing. Who to be. I'm going to be the shot through to me. Is the biggest loser of more. He had a cart in. That didn't didn't get pregnant. They didn't have a baby right right. See if you ran kardashian vagina and they loved the black man and you don't put a baby in dash you dome christian. Thomas did it right. The basketball player tristan interested trae status. Whatever hey i don't mean disrespect sorry attrition. it's okay. I don't like him either. Sydney girl you trust in what city. He gets a check for the rest of his life. He gets it after he. I don't know if he's still playing basketball or not blaming the city with after his basketball career is over. You don't think that that kardashian checks keep coming all the way to that. That child is about twenty. He bid it right. What was he the one. That was dating the kardashian. That was dating lamar. Yeah wow yeah. He's with. Chloe chloe chloe cine you know we have the seal team here. That's you myself. Princes and denver mathis how dirty we khloe week since we put ourselves put on. Our school with tricia can watch too but said he. Wouldn't you think that this guy lamar odom. who's boxing. Now who was had a car dash in in love with him could have had a permanent check permanent. But lamar house money. He doesn't have to see how much he's working. City if i if i had the opportunity to dive into some kardashian vagina you know. I'm having a baby because if you have a baby by one of them fellas in a chat room if you listen cenis if people listening issue. He's worth thirty million dollars. According to celebrity net worth salary of eight point two million. Lamar odom lamar odom. I'll take all his back. Lamar odem got busy. Thank me smack myself okay. Lamar hey yanni clean. Nail seemingly cine honestly. How much is khloe city saying honesty. He's have got an extra thirty million dollars a couple of hundred million. Let's see how much closer because a permanent check in right so listen we Shop the room chloe's not worth for twenty twenty fifty million. Oh come on khloe. Step it up on the billionaire list. That he won't be here were who like him. I think the. I think the most poor kardashian is probably rob guys. Let's see let's see. Wait what did you wanna know. I wanna know how much this kim kardashian cameras worth a billion. She just was in the thing. Okay just reached. A billion dollars is cine. Will it be safe to say that. The seal team will be on one of those kardashians. Yeah for sure is particularly. She's especially a billionaire. Yeah i think. It's kim and then kylie and then maybe i don't know i so listen. We're do right now money we're going to. What are we going to show the chat rooms from. Hey already these people are n here. Y'all are ready to get your. There's talking they're ready to get their morning started right. They're ready to get their name. Shouted out quick announcement. Y'all y'all better semi stars to him here today. Tell them who say one was out. You guys better send them stars. Because i'm here today right. So that's the people who come here today on friday back today. Appreciate you guys so mothers. They met and they made nine for this real quick. It's now at the mill. Eight thirty one south delaware dr eastern pennsylvania. Thanks one would you fifty stars no need to interrupt you. Go ahead thanks. Wanda does not yet go. Shut this class. Hey girl has your son doing go ahead in the hold on. Wait a minute. Dot com seeing wanda. If you guys want me to interrupt. Sean send another star.

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