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Back in a anti had done surgery recovery weeks. And i i back at work i or and for so i have a little accurate. Heard that went back for kinda hard to get back by normal routine so i i understand that i i sometimes it. There's something about barrett at a. It is kind of like that Referencing fred claus where kevin spacey's character. Where's the superman cape. At the end under his suit it helps make him feel strong in santa. Like pats him on the back in everything. What i have when i did that. Boost sometimes what i do is like i just hear like some of those like jonathan kim speeches in my head or he's talking to me like yes. What am i gonna do. What kind of man am i going to be a very wise i on the slide. Thanks voice in my head. Jonathan can and if you haven't listened to a my friends. Act as the always onto smallville austin podcast where they do retro been on there every season since the start up. It's a great little like dive into how that show is carried over. You're talking about like. I feel like for me and i've said this before like smaller was important to me because that show started when i was in high school and then it carried me through high school college after then it ended the year. I got married. I got married two same month that the show ended may have a wedding wedding attempt of clark and lois on the show. They didn't actually get buried but they had a ceremony. But it did. It was then they tried to get married again. I'm jumping you know and then now here you know superman. Lois is going on and here. I am now married for ten years have children. I'm a dad so now once in superman is more relevant. Oh yeah just like who. I who i am connecting with that so all right so back to you favorite version of superman period so it can be a comic live. Action animated favorite version. I mean my favorite superman is I grew up with the crispy version. But i never really liked him totally like he seems friendly but i was always bothered by the mind whites growing up. I always thought margot kidder's superman was little. You know everybody talks about the and as it did. Bother me when i was figuring out because i did have glass than i always thought. Why would people not recognized by took my glasses off. And so that kind of bothered me and i didn't like a wake speed. Cooperman would take memories away from lowest. He doesn't wise people. I i think people forget about it. Oh i don't know where tyler went. Did pilot going. Have you seen tyler outside yet. Stephen go get tyler seconds finish. Oh there's pilot okay. Good good tyler. Okay good But yeah so. I think people forget that christopher reeve superman actually mind whites lowest fight does it you. And then he doesn't Is the worst. He does it just to make himself feel better. And so that was what i kind of grew up with superman. I i and i think for a long time i didn't like to to. I did like lied. And then he cookware memories and all that kind of stuff of hindering travels. Superman came around. I had i had previously. When i've gotten into comics. That was reading feick. Lebron's aid don earned man of steel death of two fan. Like i was reading that superman. And so when i got an apple. I saw that superman that bronze age death of to fan guy at dhanbad mansfield. I saw that in superman and feet Eat kind of corrected. His version of superman directed. Everything didn't like about. Christopher reeve he never bide below Was even like i guess. I'm gonna have to hope you don't do anything crazy with must secret. And so he really trusted blows and and she was much smarter. was much smarter so i like that world that apple's superman lives in because i think there's something that Relatable for me about being related you. I think that i kind of related because not everything is easy. You have to figure things out. And i liked the world in it because it is reflective of our world and that superman blood after deal with other thing so i don't know i think he'd reach apple superman right. I'm for me. I had thought breast cancer and that happened. Fight right after steel ilk came out. I think the u. two thousand thirteen. I was diagnosed breast cancer. Very or i really hold onto zach soundtrack. When i would go workout at the y. Myself wrong i would watch it at night. So good news so that it just holds Place our heart in just that version of remand made me love to like. I liked superman but henry cavill up though i i will I'll share this. I don't love shared this before. I don't know. I talk a lot so when my wife and i had our second miscarriage the birthday they projected was going to be on the release of man of steel. And i i made a deal with my wife. I was like okay. If the kid comes the day the movie comes out. You have to let me name it clark and stuff and so that kind of carry when we saw the movie in the opening scene and i think you know this is just a quick critique. I've said before. I like the fact that clark is or non crypt on and he's an infant and like they shortly have to send him away. Because i think it resonates apparent lot stronger than like you know. The john burns sending the matrix four on earth because that idea lake so when my son saw was born Shortly to like the next day after he was born they had him in the nick. You for a while. But the first night i had him laying on my chest and he was sleeping there. My wife was asleep. I was awake. I watched deal on my ipad with him on my chest and like that opening scene like you just. It hit me a lot harder. Like if i had to. Just take my son right now off my chest and put him in something like It just it just is much stronger but I totally agree with certain things like you're a brave soul because it feels like if anyone sitting thing about the christopher you know raw i i don't have any precious thing here in a superfan of i will i will critique christopher reeves who've been all day i mean there's some good things about him but but i'm not afraid agree with like i don't like margot kidder has lowest lane in her and clark's relationship because she never likes clark. Yeah always mean now. If you're building these series where you have like pointing you could go but like just in it like he loves lowest but lowest. Loves superman right. That's it like she hates on part in you know christopher rees clark people talk about but that was the clark of the comics like.

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