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Away Or you listen on seriously except 206 And there are many people. I tell you that love baseball who are like I don't like 60 games. I don't see how the Corona virus isn't going to end the season. Ah, enough of that. I don't want it. You people are incredible Glazes incredible from baseball America. He loves baseball. He can't wait to get back to work. The question is, how does he get back to work? And how does he get backto work doing his job in a very different Baseball season in 2020. He joins us now on the giant Kincaid Choke. I'll have you thought about Just access And how access to people is going to be different for you to try to be able to entertain your readers and people who count on you for content like myself. Yeah, absolutely. Right Now. The plan is tohave Interviews be done on Lea ve a zoom up to 35 Reporters will be allowed in the press box. Per game. However, there's gonna be no direct access of players, coaches or any on field personnel at strictly going to be done over soon, and you know what? It's fine. It's one of those things where we're all trying to adapt to the new situation here. We're just happy that we're going to be able to be in the ballpark and glad there's going to be baseball play than look. Everyone has to be flexible and adaptable. In this situation. We'll see how things progress, but For now, As you mentioned, I'm happy baseball that I'm happy. Baseball is back. And now like I said, just have to kind of go with it and, you know, play it by ear. Can I make a prediction, too? And I want you to write it down in one of your books and then check back in a year or two. On the next collective bargaining agreement. They'll have the clubhouse closed 2/3 of the time. Dale. Ah, they'll make this doing virtual interviewing part of the routine. It'll become the norm. That's my guess. They probably disagree. Disagree, but we'll see what happens. It's AH, it is going to be as as you look at the season, a 60 game season. I can't tell you here and being in the home of the Braves where I do my radio show from I could tell you that the schedule looks so strange to have even though we don't know the dates but to have 1/3 of the schedule B interleague. Doesn't make any sense to me the way that they laid this thing out. I would rather have seen more divisional games and less in her leg. But I guess this is for TV ratings or what? Part of it's kind of a number of games, the number of serious they need to play and having a little bit of diversity. I mean, 40 out of 60 games against your divisional opponents, and my book is plenty. And you look at what's possible just with travel, and you know how Major League baseball's really, really concerned about sending people all across the country and missed a pandemic, making the other 20 games against a regional opponent of yet Division in the opposite weak, It makes sense to me again. There's going to be a lot of things about this, Whether it's rule changes, scheduling that people are going to be able to poke Holden or find issues with The reality is this is one of those years we all need to kind of take a step back. Just acknowledge it is what it is and let it happen. Car. You have the belief that this year because of the 60 games We're more apt to see a the most likely teams make the postseason or were apt to see Maur sort of out of the box teams make the postseason. So I wrote an article on this. It's up right now. Baseball America dot com. I went back and looked at what the playoff field would look like after 60 games since the addition of the second wild card to each league in 2012. What I found is Between seven and 18 every year. Make the postseason would have made it after 60 games as well. So the playoff field's gonna look mostly like what it would have. If it was a 162 game season. About seven or eight teams will be the same. 2 to 3 will be different again. You're still looking at the powerhouse is right. The Dodgers are still gonna probably make the playoffs and be one of the best teams in baseball. The Yankees if they're healthy, look great. The Astros. You can't count out the national being the defending champs. Oh, they also lost some key players. I think we're going to be looking at most of the same team that we thought were going to make it after 1 62 will make it after 60 with, you know, maybe two or three different, different, different teams. Can this be a suggests Kyle Glaser, write something for me column You can even send Rory personally, I I want to know if you were if you were building the perfect team. The components of the team. The perfect manager for a 60 game season. The perfect bullpen, the perfect line up the perfect Ah, age of a roster. What it would be. If you were like Dr Frankenstein, creating something. What are some of those things that you would think? If you're looking at a 60 game season? That may be different in your mind over 1 62? I think the biggest thing is, we're gonna really, really, really be counting on a position player. You and depth because there's gonna be a lot of soft tissue injuries, probably in the first month pulled hamstrings and the like. And look position player. Death is always a huge component of anything being successful, but I think what times we think of depth in terms of pitching and don't get me wrong teams. We're going to need a lot of it. Just with how pictures not be fully built up out of spring training, But I mentioned the Dodgers earlier. You know, I look at it has so many position player options so many guys that could go down and get from their player pools, last taxi squad or whatever you wanna call it. I think from a position player perspective, they're in a really unique situation that kind of help the rest of the week. When the do you believe experience Really matters in a 60 game season. Or could you get Could Could you find a manager that maybe gets a young team that gets off too? Ah, Ah, 14 and six start That they can ride that magical wave through the next 40 games. I think experience always matters. But you're right. It's going to matter less because we're experienced really kicks in is the dog days of summer after the team's hot start is kind of in the rear view mirror, trying to keep the young guys focused, trying to keep the clubhouse in line. It's going to be less important over 60 games. This is going to be a lot more about who could get outta get hot. Who can sustain their energy and their youth and their health? I think you're right. This is one of those years experience will be again still important. Not as much as in a traditional 162 game season. Okay, help me make some money. I'll be in Las Vegas before the season begins, in fact,.

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