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Says the city risks losing a core piece of its identity for NPR news I'm not hers in anchorage we appreciate you listening this morning on your public radio station you can find all of us who oppose this program on Twitter I'm at NPR green no well is at no well king Rachel Martin is that Rachel NPR Steve Inskeep is at NPR in ski but we are just the host there's an entire team of colleagues who do the real work here getting this show on the air and you can find all of them if you go to NPR dot org go over to the morning edition page click on staff and meet all of our colleagues you can follow a lot of them on Twitter their tweeting things that a lot more fun interesting and I am this is NPR news and this is KQED public radio good morning from the BBC in London I'm Sarah Hawkins with BBC topline a few stories were falling right now the embattled prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu faces a challenge to his leadership of the ruling Likud party its members will vote today to decide who will lead the party into the next general election the B. B. C.'s Barbara Platt usher is in Jerusalem but this is the most serious internal challenge he's faced in a decade of power and shows cracks in the parties United front the only contender is Gideon Saar a former cabinet minister he argues that Mr Netanyahu has no chance of forming a government since he failed to do so after two elections in the past year elsewhere in India opposition parties have condemned the head of the army for making a rare political comment when he criticized recent protest against a controversial citizenship law the party said that general beef and raw what should know the limits of his office hundreds of thousands of people have held demonstrations across India protesting the new law which fastrack citizenship for persecuted religious minorities from three neighboring countries but excludes Muslims and across Asia people have witnessed an annular solar eclipse will ring of fire when the moon covers the center of the sun giving the appearance of a bright ring charisma this one it was watching in Singapore crowds of solar eclipse enthusiasts came out to witness this rare event here in Singapore hundreds of amateur astronomers and photographers stood by for what many said was a once in a lifetime opportunity in London I'm sorry Hawkins at.

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