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The bishop ford i sixty five in the indiana toll road checking in okay we do have a situation in dairy and traffic on seventy fifth and plainfield heavy approaching the intersection because of a crash and still nasty traffic northbound in clarendon hills on route eightythree it's jammed has sixty third before chicago avenue that's because of a crash mommy a car that went through a fence get traffic and weather together on the eighth every ten minutes on news radio seven eighty five point nine fm naba public opinion i for president trump this morning flash flood watch in effect till seven tomorrow morning lots of rain still to come we've gotten a lot already more than an inch in some places and it continues to fall there's some breaks in it but we're gonna have some more rain later on today so high of sixty eight degrees way below normal low tonight fifty nine and tomorrow's high just sixty five with an rain weekend looks pretty good at this point sixty six now going up to sixty eight today so we're obviously near the high already taoist down one hundred eighty eight points one hundred eighty points the smp down seventeen nasdaq down sixty five wbz news time nine twenty one our top story this hour president trump has doubts about the chances of a republican immigration bill making its way through congress any measure approved by the house would need to pick up nine democratic votes in the senate rather than pass with a simple majority on twitter this morning the president writes quote republicans must get rid of the stupid filibuster rule and quote we'll have much more on this story coming up at nine thirty one portion of the news sponsored by the patent house majority of americans now approve of president trump's handling of us relations with north korea change this comes after his historic summit with that country's leader kim jong un at fifty five percent it's the highest rating for the president on any individual issues sent his inauguration in a survey conducted by the associated press and the center for public affairs research we're tracking the weather impact on chicago's airports.

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