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Of a turn it right now I'm John King for crying out loud on inside politics Greenland declares it's not for sale that's in and that's in a that's enough reaction to another negative trump story it it just eight oh eight just gets tiring does anyone else get tired of this I'm sorry like it waffles you get tired of the negativity as as a young handsome twenty six year old man the eighth day does well in one ear and out the other from a for the most part you just don't listen you tune out pretty much it's usually the waffles is paying attention to is now the us to pay as health insurance and whatever the latest sports highlights are full and weather and weather girls go out to him again have you been go so there's nothing there's nothing to pay attention to their there's nothing to pay attention yeah the women still goes to you Dan this talk we had last time I had negotiations are pep talk okay guy I told you I am out one hell of a wing woman even though I'd be could be creepy going out of your money is laying low right now I think he's a little bit upset about the ghosting situation that was just months ago I'm fine okay then we gotta get you back on this yeah because waffles it was I get a lot of girlfriends who are a little bit older that would like to take you out to dinner while I was great I'm gonna behave no there's Hanjour right two six six sixty eight sixty eight folks Kelli o'hara filling in for V. be this Friday afternoon coming up after the break I've got a special treat excuse me senator Warren gave us a special treat everyone she has announced a policy her native American policy has the good senator from Cambridge hasn't she learned her lesson issued emotional cutter please stay tuned.

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