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Man, Neanderthal, basketball brain, kind of looks at that body going, wow. How's that going to hold up in the NBA? And the NBA is not a tough man contest. In fact, some of the some of the power forwards that used to play in the league and were the big tough players, probably wouldn't be in the league right now because they're not coveted. They might make a team, but they wouldn't be starters like they were because they can't stretch the floor and shoot it. And the game's really changed in that regard and over and I think is a reflection of that kind of change. He's a perimeter, big guy. He's not a low post guy. So while you were talking about him, we were showing a couple of pictures on the screen from Gonzaga's season. While we're just on the subject matter of Gonzaga, are you surprised that drew Timmy earlier this month withdrew and said I'm going back to school for a senior year? Were you surprised by that? Not really. He did the same thing last year and I don't know, it's easy to say he enjoys college or all that. He'll be the player of the year of this next year. Just sort of as he was right there for it this year. And he probably looks at his experience as being some unfinished business as far as winning the national championship. They could have done it a couple of years ago. They had a chance last year and got knocked out before the suite 16, which are the elite 8, which hardly ever happens with them. So I don't know all the reasons he came back. Selfishly glad I get to watch him another year because he's a fantastic player to watch. I've got Jay bilas here on the rich eisen show. Which one who's got the biggest upside? Is it home run? I mean, to use the draft parlance right here in the NBA. Yeah, the parlance of our times. He has most of the highest ceiling, but jabari Smith of offering is right there with him. And I like Smith to, you know, even though this is plasma to say it, but he reminds you a little bit of Durant with what a magnificent shooter he is. He shoots 42% for three, made 79 threes on the year. And he's one of just a few players in the last 25 years to have scored 500 points. I think it's 250 rebounds and hit over 75 freeze. And one of them is Kevin Durant, the other was Dante green from Syracuse. And so it's been a long time since Dante green. But the fact there's only been three in the last 25 years show you shows you and made that he's a super talented player. He's also very good defensively. Like he could switch and guard multiple positions. He can block shots. He rebounds defensively at high rate. I think he's the real deal, but I can understand if pans out to be an all star player, which I think he will. Then it's a question of not so much, was it the right decision? Was it the best decision? Because Adrian was going to ask you said this yesterday that could be too right decisions here. And I think that's a fair way to put it. But, you know, how it is. Like whoever, whichever player is better, you're going to look back and if Orlando takes the second best player first, we're going to look back at ten years and just hammer their decision here, even though it's a coin flip. Similar to the way that we were hammering the decisions of the sixers and Lakers before Jason Tatum right now, is that what you're talking about? Yeah, yeah. Very much so. And look, how many drafts that we had in any sport where a player further down the line has turned out to be the better player. And football gets four and 5 years to look at those guys in college, basketball gets a year. For the best ones. And so it's a little more of a difficult task to determine to separate out productivity from potential and trying to project where somebody's going to be in 5 years, ten years versus what they look like now. And look, I mean, it's difficult. It's not impossible, but I have a lot of respect for those decisions and how difficult they can be. Jay Bill is here on the rich eisen show getting set to be an integral part of the ESPN draft coverage on Thursday night. Did I say that right? You did. I'm a little bothered by the whole rich eisen show thing. I mean, it's so much about you. And it's not really a wee thing with you, is it? Well, I'll bite. What do you mean, Jay? I always used to rank all rankle me when SportsCenter anchors of which you were an outstanding one. Thank you. Would throw the game day and say, now let's go out the reefs and the guys. And I like screw you. How about Jacob Seth Greenberg, lafonta Welles? And the host. Yes. You know, they don't say that. Right. Very disappointing. But you don't even have, it's not even rich eisen and the guys. It's just the rich eisen show. Look at me. Well, it's called. It's called a radio reset, and on top of it, Jay. I mean, my gosh, talk about harboring two decades of resentment. Oh, it's longer than that. I mean, that was almost Tommy fam like going snapping jock Peterson months after the fact. My gosh, I didn't. It just didn't occur. It just didn't occur to me. I mean, you got the silhouette of yourself. I mean, it's not even anybody in the background. Watching you run with your suit on. That's true. These are all facts. Guilty as charged. Should we be on the side? And I just used his preferred adjective and setting him up. No, and I appreciate it. I appreciate it. You're making strides, but boy, that resize and show thing, long way to go. Come on, way to go. Jay Billy. What upside there? Jay billis, who's more than just a guy talking about the NBA draft here on the rich eisen show. Who is the name of the European guy that fans are not familiar with and they're pissed off that the team is going to draft tomorrow night, but then they'll love them once he starts playing for the team. Who's that guy? There aren't a ton of internationals in his draft that are going to be taken in the first round. There's a big guy 6 11 Nikola yovich from Serbia. There's going to be a number of people that call him jokic by mistake, but really talented talented player that's very versatile and can not freeze down. I mean, I guess you'd say that stereotypical of what you call an international big guy now. But it's true of players period. If you can't, it doesn't matter your site. If you can't shoot it, you're not valued as highly anymore because you've got to be able to stretch the floor. It's a spread floor game now. But he's probably the one that will stand out in the first round. And there may be some sort of draft and stash letters in the second round. There's only 58 guys getting drafted this year, oddly enough. There are 60 usually 60 because there are 30 MBA teams, but two slots late in the second round, got forfeited. And yeah, I don't know what the forfeit policy is. That's the phrase that is the phrase that the NFL used in reference to the first rounder of the Patriots forfeited in the deflategate. That's a word. That's a word brockman, right? You and all you're new englanders, you have a problem with that word for sure it was forfeited, got it. You know what I mean? I don't know what that's about. Stolen, I'm not, as you know, words can be fungible items, Jay. You know that, right? Yeah, I prefer vacated. Far footed. That's another way to put it. But vacated indicates it was voluntarily given up. Yeah. I don't know, I don't know. Okay, so there's 58 58 draft choice. That's a quicker night for you. Isn't forfeit isn't forfeit voluntary. Force it by accident. That's true too. By the way, don't mess with words with Jay billis. He's going to parry and thrust the whole time. Don't worry about it. I'm still mad about it. This is a man who once put Barney on the stands as we know here on the rich eisen show and the guys here on the program..

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