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That there may be mailed someplace else on election day, and they get here, so we have 17 days to get balance in from overseas and everywhere. Grubb says she hopes to have 99% of Butte County votes tallied by Friday. She adds. There are 1% hand counts and counting and verifying provisional ballots does take time. She urges patients for the process. And election workers. Mike Baka News 93.1 calf became the first major winter storm is heading toward the Sierra Nevada By the end of the week, and a winter storm watch has been issued. The watch will be in effect from Friday afternoon. Until Sunday evening. Anyone in the area should be ready for winter like conditions, including snow and sleep. Got to bring in the cushions from the outdoor furniture today. Great reminder. Thank you for that. I got to do the same would you have would've forgotten that had been soaked? Yeah, nobody, all of you to bring in your question again before we get to the network news. The board out of Nevada is we can expect more results coming from Nevada anytime between 9 A.m. and 10 a.m. our time. That's the word on as you just heard At this point time, Biden is holding a slim lead in Nevada by some 8000 votes, so we'll get a bigger, better picture of Nevada. We sure here about that Pennsylvania's really close now to the kind of guy are going back and forth between the lead there now. At 8 35 these air your top national stories decided states continues this hour and Georgia election officials estimate they have just over 61,000 ballots left to count statewide. President Trump and his attorneys claiming a legal victory.

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