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Now no Oppenheim more than a dozen women have been interviewed by officials from the civil division department dubbed the wind Steen unit in the New York AG office I've got the ones in unit former news anchor Linda Vester she also had she have a show on the fox news channel for a while she told the Daily Mail that she was interviewed in January over her alleged assault at the hands of Tom Brokaw according to her and the lack is one of the main targets of these investigations along with Oppenheim and Matt Lauer I mean this New York Attorney General going after the drive by media at NBC news it must be uncomfortable and no word from in Riverdale we got a new crash out found on route fifty at Columbia Park Road it's already got traffic backed up to the two ninety five split southbound ninety five in laurel on the Maryland side between two sixteen one ninety eight we've got two left lanes blocked off a truck spilled its load of gravel now from garage door repair dot com the W. M. A. L. ABC seven storm watch forecast forty nine rain tomorrow high fifty one set up your Amazon echo T. here mark within six to nine listen I'm going to do it right now for one time set up state Alexa enabled W. MEL skill just say Alexa open W. the W. M. A. L. dot com EMP one eighty weight loss centers you get one to one nutrition counselling and positive support to lose weight and a new E. M. P. one eighty is now open in Potomac to learn more go to EM P. one eighty dot com or call eight five five eight eight eight zero one eighty right now it's important for us to stay home while you're staying at home to protect your health don't miss out on the care you need to stay healthy medstar health now offers video visits for.

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