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So i mean you've just confirmed essentially and who in the world would leak those photos i mean he has to come from within yeah if not from your department yeah if not from somebody who was there i don't who else would be there it's not like somebody and he was it like a housekeeper that snuck in does you not notice that on the eye how does this happened exactly that's it and i miss bug earlier wasn't through the throat of through his mouth that shot himself so that that's the thing i don't i just don't understand how the happens yeah it's very bizarre and there's a ton of pictures floating around so that's so whoever leaked us pictures at my goodness at who does that if there if that's not supposed to happen who does that well the only thing i can think of his and somebody that's looking for a paycheck and if he if the if the person who leaked the photos was offered a huge sum of money for what would have been an exclusive then perhaps that's why i mean money drives people to do some really great gosh okay since i money he apparently he transferred see paddock transferred one hundred thousand dollars to the philippines right before the massacre he had sent a dan lee a way mierlo dan late to the philippines apparently he told her i got you really cheap flight to the philippines so a couple of weeks before sunday night he shipped are off to the philippines and said listen i got you this cheap flight go hang out with your family and now appear barely her sister's are speaking out saying she is returning to the us to break our silence because she wants to remove herself as a person of interest he wants to clearer name she had nothing to do with that so they say and so now the fbi is gonna be questioning her more and that's so now she just touched on what nelly i this was at this morning or less sinister okay.

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