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Dot com. Southland Weather from Ko Phi Sunny tomorrow Temps Low eighties and nineties. This report brought to you by discover from the Southern California Toyota dealers Traffic Central. We make it easy. We're going to go back to that crash on the five and Pacoima on the North bound side before the 1 18 Freeway, Highway Patrol's telling us that that right lane remains blocked into laser still loading up getting away from Lankershim. It's also affecting travel along the 1 70 North found With delays getting away from Roscoe Boulevard. Let's check out Diamond Bar with Mike O'Brien KF Eye in the sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney superwoman super lawyer dot com. An angel, some frustrated motorists here 57 north out of Diamond Bar Boulevard. They just clear the car pulled the left couple of lanes in just the last few minutes that went to the right shoulder, however, taking it on the chin back to the imperial highway exit. Now I think a lot of folks have opted to use the Carbon Canyon route in George Chino Hills. Looks to be every extra tight. I did look at it. I could see anything blocking lanes, but definitely from Valencia to sleepy hollow. You're gonna lose your head there. Batter should say eastbound 91 that is a bear into Corona 91 eastbound before Green River. They're still working out that action is, in fact, they just cleared the carpool in the left lane. It is still in recovery. Back to the 55 injured in an accident is a superwoman super lawyer dot com. Mike O'Brien, KF high in the sky. This update is sponsored by eye accident lawyer dot com Km Eye in the sky Help sketchy there faster. I'm Angel Martinez. I actually lawyer actual client, my motorcycle fright, resulting in serious leg injury. My first lawyer downplayed it. Then I called by accident lawyer dot com. They got me $8 million for my first time with cash. I got savings for the rest of my life. Thank you, actually. Dotcom attorney Robert Cohn exult very not a guarantee. Hi. This is Larry Miller from.

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