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Dan glickman exactly uh if we l e greek young lady reality eight uh police officers who uh he lied team um you eat into a uh each kagu in baltimore an in murray intense lee uh hinckley plunked areas that is hoped to donnelly black or white and blocked and use all they can asian aleo literally pluralism long he'll he'll need at least not a huge unity's y y it's that were never going to give the true story out of the uh the mainstream media it's not going to happen because uh that doesn't do the truth dozen drier their agenda nor does it support their narrative i mean if you look at this even the washington post a even the washington post uh just verve seventeen uh unarmed black men out of a population of twenty million i mean if you you crunch the numbers and you're more white philippi be struck by lightning which you don't stay in homes saying i'm on frei drew a walk outside i'll give it by wiping amin you don't hear the truth anymore so how how do we turn this message around you'll i wish i really wish i had years he you will this is something that we have to battle literally every single day bhutto's bush who or or eight knowledgeable about what the realities or aren't realities an fully will we have seen yo it to the carpool the requires the leadership owed policing in the nation true to limb sold to be cowardly my cleveland there're you illusory role a nationwide were innovation luke police show and have you heard much tim you've heard much limit all nothing because they're afraid were freed there there are so politically correct led at the last international tuesday cookies complete would you be organisation the leaders of the outgoing president of the association look jive four police racism in the 1940s and cookies asserting your wars all he do in ah in essence was perpetuate be the argument books out there in the narrative instead of saying you know what look at all the great thing laura cops or dui or if you wanna get down to it look at how our concert dying wind do view on press within reach due to do to violence wildly or protecting the.

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