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As unifying the country again bedding down brexit and then dealing with the the the aftermath the problems associated with it because deep down he believes fundamentally. The britain lost itself confidence during the brexit process. And before that on his optimism. Bonomi and Just general confidence in life. His ability to just stunned there and any supporters view Have the confidence to say whatever he wants and in his detractors view just you know help their confidence to lie. He sees that in in a way the country has to be more like he wants to turn the country into version of him and it sounds like he might be around for a very long time kind of like a that. You're or even a tony. Blair he thinks that. I think one of my interviews. I pushed him on this big project. And i and i said this to him and he kind of nodded and And then he came back to it at the end of the interview and he said you know one thing you're right about. You're right that this is a long project it'll take a long time Pushed him. And i said well how long and then he sort of he pulled back even want to give me the headline of you know. Boris says arm around for ten years. Or whatever. But i think fundamentally that's what he thinks he thinks that he's going to be around For a while you know. He certainly has his eyes on the next election..

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