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All right he's been dealing with a hip problem for the last couple of years and pretty much just as a liability on the field because of all the penalties he takes care so they cut him and now it's pretty much like what is miami got going on here all right and miami snaking all these moves has pretty much d scared fans off a bit pretty much saying yeah that's going to be a bad year where we building and then they go out and they start signing players they bring in danny amendola they bring in albert wilson they signed josh sitton aren't they replace meyer mar mike pouncey by trading for san francisco centered daniel kilgore's while being seventh round picks with the forty niners to heart so they're doing that you trade for robert quinn okay and it's pretty much like i said just what exactly do they have in mind all right are like one point is like oh yeah they're trying to rebuild and training for a guy like robert quinn and bring in all his other signings as like okay no they're trying to win now and let's put it this way the guys they brought in those flashy names okay robert quit i guess is the flashes name from the guy that they brought from the people that they brought in but robert quinn the last couple years really hasn't been what he was when he first got that contract and more so i think that has to do with injuries on the fact that he wasn't in the rent scape wade phillips comes in quin because becomes an outside linebacker in three four scheme on defense and quit had what eight and a half sacks this year and was struggling still nowadays with miami's playing in a four three defense can be a defensive end is without a doubt going to be the starter i.

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