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Show were back. It's the 8th episode. I got a great one here for you today. I got a couple of topics lined up on the front end. Here we go. Here's the rundown. I feel like I get to this stuff really quick. By the way, I listen to podcasts all the time every day. A lot of people like to just kind of just chit chat at the beginning I get right to the action for you guys. Here. It is. Sean Watson the stands. Going on there. We're going to talk about an NBA trade suggestion. I have for Bradley Beal really tasty one. The gaps, I don't understand what they're buyout situation is with drumming and Nicolas Batum watching NBA. I think you know why I'm talking about that. So to start at the top off Sean Watson, here's how the Sean Watson can get his way. He has to get downright disgusting. He's gonna I don't think it's in his character to act this way. But he's got to get nasty dirty joke, he's got a he's Gotta Be You know just a jerk to their front office. He's got a really force their hand. I hope his age and his nasty or else he's not getting what they want because he requested a trade-off. They called his bluff. I've been waiting for a team to do this the NBA teams. They don't seem to have the stones to do it. But apparently the Houston Texans do they said no, you're under contract. We. We we just signed you last offseason for a four year 156 million dollar deal Euro quarterback. And we hired this coach and we intend on him coaching you and I don't know how they sold that to that coach. Sorry his name of the color or something like his name right now. I don't know how they sold him on that page. Certainly everyone believe he's getting traded. You know, he even had everyone makes her top five destinations list, but he thinks he's coaching a shot Watson. So the only thing for the Shawn to do is be miserable and plan his contract or get downright disgusting be a jerk and from all the research I've done on them. I made a whole video on him about his character. It's not who he is. So we got a standoff in Houston in absolute standoff. I'm excited to see how it plays out been waiting for one of these teams to stand up to these stars and be like no, We have an agreement you committed to us we committed to you. This is the way it's going to be we're going to try and be better. So see how that goes. Okay, the NBA thought of this while I saw the Lonzo ball trade rumors. Everyone's really down and Lonzo ball right now. He's been disappointing. There's no doubt about it, but he's still a real player in that team. He plays real minutes and he contributes so I'm not sure of the Orleans is trying to trade the real players away. You know, it doesn't seem like they're trying to trade him away for a better player. It seems like they're just a seller at the deadline here. You cannot be wasting Zions time like this. It's disrespect for Zions not built to play like fifteen years in the NBA with his body the way he is how explosive he is. He could very well be done at like 30 31. I hope that God he's not but it looks that way. Okay don't waste his time. so I thought about the Lonzo ball thing and it brought me to another. Obviously Brad bills in the market. This is the Brad Beal trade that should be made but probably won't be made Washington. She call New Orleans Griffin and same thing. We have a one-time offer Bradley Bill is not in the market. You can accept this right now will not be offering you again. We will not be negotiating. You will give you Bradley Beal and how she mura mura Harvey say it in exchange. You give us a Scion Williamson and Steven Adams to make the money worth. I ran it through the trade simulator the money works. If a pig slop has to be thrown in so be it that's a trade get it done. Okay, stop wasting science time down there in New Orleans. It's ridiculous. How are you in last place in your division? You design home and Eric Bledsoe Brandon Ingram. JJ Redick. Jaxson Hayes. Like you have good players. What are you doing down there? I mean, it's it wouldn't be much better for him in Washington. But at least to be a place to start. Well, I mean, I know they're in last to like what even be any different. So on the other end on the other end of it you get an injection in a New Orleans Bradley Beal is a better player than sign is right now. I love Zion but feels phenomenal. So maybe you can turn them around right there. I don't know if there's any other package. That's so great for Beal. There is one there's definitely there actually is one. There's the Golden State package in which they can get wise men some pigs. I think that could probably happen honestly if I was Golden State it might even say no but Yeah, that's that's what should happen another. And be a note here. What's up with the buyout for Andre Drummond? Why is it just a foregone conclusion that Drummond's going to get bought out. The Cavs are 9:00 and 9:36. He averages 14 and 18 All-Star stats. And things are going well in Cleveland. Finally. They're finally going well and you're just going to buy out your best player. Why wouldn't you just trade them? I always an expiring contract but don't buy him out. Like don't be awful cheap like something's finally going right here in Cleveland keep on the team. He seems to be helping Fourteen and eighteen so, I don't know maybe someone can explain this to me, but Unless he's going to start like going nuclear and saying I demand, you know, like acting like Sean Watson then I don't see why you buy him out. Keep on the team. Finally Nicolas Batum. I don't know what's happen when they close Batum. But it's significant. This is a guy who started three games last year for a terrible team in the Hornets. He's been terrible for the Hornets the last four years sign a gigantic contract at the wrong. Well as a young player in Portland, one of the worst signings of all time and free agency everybody quit on this guy all of a sudden. He's the best free agent signing of the summer. However, you'd like to call it before the season. Far and away. He starts every single game for the Clippers all Seventeen of their games so far. He started he left ravishing three points to ten points 28% from 3 to 46 per day from 3. He couldn't start for the Hornets last year what has happened. He needs to start his own like tb12. Nicolas Batum method what has happened to this guy? All of a sudden he's worth his not he's not actually worth that terrible contract but this is probably what they expected into your 4 of it. I just don't understand how how did LA know this. It's genius moved by them. He's great. I didn't pick them up my fantasy team. So I hope he keeps it up. I like nipple to him. I just don't understand how he went from bench warmer on a terrible team to starting for a title Contender and shooting 46% from 3. What did he do? We need to know Nick. Let's get Nick on the Pod. All right, that's all hope you guys enjoyed. 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