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Reds come to bed here the second inning. It'll be Au Hey neo Suarez, Tyler, Nay Quinn and Nixon Zell Due to bad against J. Carey, ETA and the home second to nothing in favor of the Cubs. Reds fans, You can get that great taste of the ballpark at home with J. T. M's Philly kids and Fat Tire, beer, cheese and pretzels. Find these game day favorites in your groceries freezer. A T M food group. Let's create great dishes together. Take area to grounded out to close out the inning. Comes, got another run in the second. They lead it two to nothing as the Reds come too bad here in the second inning. The first run was Kris Bryant home run, and then Matt Duffy singled leading off the second moved to third on Jake Marisnick stubble. And scored on Nico Horner's round out. Alittle be Au Hey. Neo Suarez, leading things off for has moved down in the lineup today originally was hitting six but once Jonathan India was scratched, and the Reds Restructured the lineup, so our has moved up a spot to fit. Smart is really scuffling, hitting 1 25, but all for his last 25. Area into his wind up and here's the pitch to Suarez and his first ball swinging, fouling it back for strike one. I think any time Tommy that a player goes on a road trip, especially when you're playing the likes of the Cardinals and the Dodgers. And you don't get a hit and you're a middle of the order hitter. It's got to play with your psyche a little bit, and I know it's wearing Suarez out because he feels that responsibility personally on the pitch is down in a way he lays off the count is even one ball one strike. Are we seeing some signs that maybe he's starting to come out of it a little bit. I mean, really looking for anything at this point. Here's the 11 pitch, and Suarez takes down in a way. It's two on one. I think part of it is being.

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