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Wanna play and the game. Of course, set for January. First the Cougars will be facing Iowa State in the Alamo bowl NFL Seahawks. Does the Vikings Monday night last night? Derrick Henry with a night for the ages. Record that will never be broken a ninety nine yard touchdown run. Tying twenty door sets NFL record for the longest rushing. TD in league history is titans ripped Jacksonville. Thirty two nine Henry at two hundred thirty eight yards rushing a team record and tied. A franchise Mark with four touchdowns sports at ten and forty past the hour. Tom hutler on the whole of the huskies, KOMO news. It's five eleven couple minutes away. We'll check the drive for you on this Friday morning on the KOMO morning news for the first time the survivor of a horrific crash is talking about what happened a suspected drunk driver. Ran head on into his truck. And the driver of the pickup is recovering. Keith Eldridge talked with will gatlin since I I just I remember seeing. Really loud flash. A huge explosion sound. And I just remembered rolling. It was a horrific scene. Gatlin says he was trapped in his pickup truck that was on its side. But at least he was alive, he said, he could hear a woman screaming, I'm pretty sure I heard the voice say something like. She's dead. She's dead. Just repeatedly state patrol says to passengers in the backseat of the small car were ejected and killed the twenty two year old driver and her eighteen year old passenger were seriously hurt. Let's say no one was wearing seatbelts, but say the driver was impaired in might have been traveling as fast as ninety miles an hour. That's I I did everything I could try to stop. Sadly. People are gone gallon said he had recently taken up driving for lifting. Uber and had just dropped off a writer. He's says he got into this to help keep drunks off the road says it's tragic to be hit by a suspected DUI. I to me, it's just. Incredibly sad. He has cuts on his hand from it going through the windshield. And a shoulder injury from the seat belt. Otherwise, he says, he's okay. I'm here. Some of the first words at the first responders said is. Man, you're lucky to.

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