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Now it's time for the last word with Lawrence o. Donald Dewey, Rachel, and I am so sorry, I am so sorry that you did not get the transcript of today's court proceedings in time for your our tonight. I have it right here that does it pain you that I have it in my hands should I shouldn't have half the rage. I heard about that. I saw your exchange with the rate. Now. This is really just jealousy. It's a different thing. I'm turning burden. So I just got this ten minutes ago. Okay. And and let me just give you this. Okay. Let me just give you the last line. Okay. Last line spoken by the defense today to the jury of the government has not met their burden beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Manafort knowingly and willfully filed false returns, or knowingly or willfully failed to file f. bars. He then went on to thank the jury. The last wine, the last line from the prosecution last words, the juries heard from one of the lawyers. In the case before the judge took over with his instructions, ladies and gentlemen. The evidence in this case is what controls. It's the evidence that comes from that witness stand and it leads to only one conclusion and that is that Mr. Manafort is guilty and guilty as charged. One of those sounds very Perry Mason in one of those doesn't which which one. The one that didn't say f. bar which actually might be an FCC band acronym. You see the emphasis there. The evidence is evidence that comes from that witness stand where Paul Manafort never sat and no witnesses appeared for the defence. Everything you're supposed to take from this case comes from that witness, stand. The defense gave you nothing. You know, everybody keeps telling us all the legal experts keep telling us that it is not that weird that the defense didn't mount a defense, but the defense didn't mounted defense and they do no matter what happens here have to be looking down the barrel at the next federal criminal trial for Paul Manafort that is due to start in just a few weeks just a few miles away in Washington DC. The idea that they might try not mounting defense, and that might fail here would set them up in DC to have to mount a defense. Although they would be coming at it from a place of weakness because they just lost their previous case in an adjoining district. I mean, it just I don't envy these guys know it's a perfectly reasonable tactic to not. Mount a defense, but there's no lawyer who's going to tell you that that tactic improves the statistical likelihood of a not guilty verdict. In fact, it reduces it rather dramatically. If you look at the cases where there's no defense presented that as that makes it much less likely to get to the not guilty. But Rachel, we're going to be covering this many of the things tonight. Steve Schmidt is here. He wants to talk about what happened to John Brennan today, and you know Steve Schmidt, and I think you know he has something to say about this. Yes, and and credit to you. My friend for having been a part of this story in terms of Jenn rent, John last public comments last night before this happened today happening on the last word with Lawrence O'Donnell. You're, you're in the middle of this one. Like you are in the middle of a lot of these. I am very much looking forward to your coverage, Rachel. You're going to be in the middle of the transcript. As soon as you leave your desk is the copy hand that they have one too, and that's what you're going to do instead of sleeping tonight. If they don't have a copy of they do. Thank you. Thank you. I will not relent when the history of Robert Muller's investigation of the president of the United States is written. We will surely discover that every time President Trump's TV lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, publicly threatened Robert Muller as he did today publicly demanded that the investigation and as he did today every time Rudy Giuliani did that Robert Mueller thought to himself, I will not relent..

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