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So Watch your spoilers. I'm Jay Skates and joining us. Here by the fire. Tesla's yes sued at Tawny a beard one Trey Kirby. Ceo The international man of mystery. Taking it to the Max Leila's friend lease making the magic happens. Gd Hello there isn't here. We are back once again to recap another survivor. Episode will tackle at scene by scene as we do here on no bus but the key takeaway from last night. Peanut butter is the true soul. Survivor we start. Nate twenty-eight Post Tribal Council where Sophie had just been voted out. And they're coming back to camp. And everyone's upset. We get a nice little Editor breadcrumbs here. I don't know if you noticed the clue guys. Kim Falls over when returning to camp sentencing setting us up for what would happen later this episode. But WE GET JEREMY. Letting US know that Ben will not talk to him and then he's such a child and this becomes a running theme in this episode. Just Jeremy Letting US know that Ben will not talk to happens time and time again and Tony. Meanwhile he's doing. He's doing his little damage control because he surprised. A lot of people starts with Sarah who has absolutely pissed with Tony's idiotic grimy ass move and then he eventually makes the way Ben and tells him you know. Hey sorry about that. Don't worry I got an idol and then it gets pooped on. So what did you think of this openings? There was a lot happening in this first seed. I don't think I've ever seen somebody get pooped on by a bird at nighttime that must be the craziest thing to experience. Because I'm sure you don't even see the bird up there so that was surprising to me but I also love seeing the differences in relationships here. Obviously Jeremy Tony and Ben have a tumultuous relationship with Ben Right because Ben's just the pouty boy he wants to play the game his way and he wants to be the boss and he's having a huge trouble this season not being in charge. I think on the flip side you see Sarah Antonio obviously have affection for each other. They obviously like each other. She's saying if I'm voted out. Don't ever talk to me again. I thought that was hilarious. But by the next thing. They're basically back in cahoots again. You know they just had a falling out like you would among siblings and cops are us there back in action. I'll talk to you until voted. Then I won't talk a threat choice fair fair well. Hey worked right. I mean at jumping way ahead. He offered his idol to her. And why did he do that because because he was a because of his alliance sure but also I think the personal relationship factored in and I think he got spooked there that she was going to get voted out and didn't want to jeopardize whatever he had inside the game or outside the game so it was a good move by Sarah to saying Matt probably her only move the only threat. That would actually work. Do you think can I get sad? There is that he. That's his only real alliance tie anymore right so I think he your. He has to keep her close. You know going a little bit later. But also could he be going next level with that and knowing that she didn't need the idol just showing that he's also a nice guy that the jury everybody's on them but his is just feeding that extra that extra little seed the jury that Hang. I'm a nice I'm killing it. I'm killing everybody but also I'm a nice guy because it seemed like that was a last second. I mean she could have accepted for sure but it seems I don't know maybe he's just next level. Maybe I just got Tony on this parasol absolutely. I mean you're totally right. And it's it's it also shows a bit of swagger even though he was sort of saying hey do you WanNa do you WanNa do you WanNa but it's it's it's like. Hey I've got an idol to spare here. I can throw this out of the way and I can. I can convince Jeremy to not play his idol or two which is basically what he did and the jury doesn't even know what is in Jeremy's pocket but anyway that's jumping way ahead. No that's fine. I mean I'm glad you you sort of getting to it because I'm curious and this goes off to what. Tasr was just asking a little bit like Tony in my mind wants to take Sarah to the end right. Like he wants her sitting beside him. Because I'm pretty confident that he thinks you know I've got the better resume here. I did more in this. I'm fine with her here. The flip side is to Sarah also think that's good for her like it. She confident I could beat him at the end and if so what is she doing that? I'm not seeing you know what I mean. Yeah it's a it's a great point I mean. I don't know why Sarah would want Tony there other than loyalty right right and I think that Tony at this point in the game knows that he can beat Sarah so why not. I think Tony thinks he can beat anybody except except for. Maybe JEREMY WHO? He's using still as his meat. Shield right Yeah Tony to me is certainly in the lead right now and he has clearly the best resume but for Sarah the way she can really build a resume is to vote out Tony. Yeah so that's that's her huge move right is to say. I'm finally splitting with you and I back. You had no idea so if she is ever able to pull that off. I mean maybe she pulls into the lead. I think it's more likely that Tony would want Sarah next to him. Rather than the flip side yeah I would agree with that and one more thing. You said tasks you're wondering if Tony was playing up this whole I had hidden immunity. I could play it for you. You want it. And maybe that's a bit of show for the jury that's interesting because you obviously didn't watch one of Tony's previous seasons the one he won an you know he was very visible and vocal about having and telling everybody that he had idols and he actually would use it this weird way of like. Hey I've got one might pull it out even wear it around my neck my neck and you don't know if I'm GonNa play it so he might be setting up here to try that strategy once again now it's out in the open now. Everybody knows he's got one he might do this again. And it's that's you know that's that's a power play. When there's not that many votes where you can really confidently split the vote to flush it out right and I would say now knowing Tony's background as a cop and not knowing everybody else's background and they're playing history as you mentioned there with Tony. It's hard not to think of Tony as this master manipulator and using those those tools that he's got in the bag. Because I find it crazy that you see Ben. Trust him to some degree Sarah Trust him to some degree that he still has this way over people He managed to look people in the eye. Give him a fist pound. Call Them Bro. And still have that connection with them. He's it's it's astonishing to me as as a layman here watching but he obviously uses that and he's GonNa use it later on in this episode of which was another bonkers move. Yeah Li I do have a question before we move onto the next thing. Do you think that's good or bad luck to be pooped on by bird or Bat? Well I mean without giving too much away. It's gotTa be good luck really doesn't mean that was. That was a pretty funny because he's just like oh man he's looking up in this guy. Is it a bird? Is it a bat? But I think Tony. Though has kind of figure out a way to not be super close with everybody but also just close enough with everybody at the same time. I mean sure that that that would sort of gunning for him to get rid of him but he seems to be out of work. Everybody just well enough that they sort of end up siding with him in a weird way. So he's he's on quite a run here and it was it was it was another entertaining. Share with him for sure. I'm sure you'RE GONNA get to later on worry where he goes out to try to sort of suss out what's happening with other people. Oh spy nest the next scene. Let's get right to the morning of twenty nine. And we're right into the spy nest and these. Are you saw the flashbacks guys? I'm talking to obviously Tony's had the spy shack before which actually worked Intel. And he tried this spy bunker. Part was the dumbest decision to ditch. Mill bunker did not work out I was GONNA say I was GonNa say I don't know how he was. He said it didn't work but he had a lot of fun. Just having a blast and then so yeah now. It's this is the evolution we're up in the spine. I will say very funny scene. I love how it was shot and says hey man it's just me he's like. Can you see me yeah? He's not really pretty good there. But nobody's coming here so we all the time in the world. I love that seat. There's also the fact that you have a crew of like a camera multiple cameras. Maybe Anna Jim Guy all looking at the tree. That's how how can you get away with it? Yeah Yeah you really can't like you wandered up to the water. Well you'd be like. Why are there two cameraman and producer? I'M GONNA first off look up in that tree and see what the hell they're shooting and is that a man up there that Tony Anyway. Even if so you have to hope the right people come by and they have to be talking about strategy and they have to be telling the truth and it has to be their only plan. Yeah otherwise you're going to be up there for what twelve hours just waiting for every group of people to come by as they get thirsty. Greasy move but it makes for great. Tv It wouldn't it be great if he tried. Pooping on somebody drops a dump on Ben's are not white burn is weird so back at camp. This is when we get again already. Jeremy asking Ben if he wants to talk we get a straight up. Nope I don't want to. He just shutting him down. It is wild it continues later onto and Kim here starts hatching her plan. Try and split up. Sarah and Tony Kim sees this. Kim sees the power sees. The cops are us. I mean we're getting late in the game. If you've got a pair you are. You're looking pretty good. That's that's huge to have two votes tied together like that. She says we got to break it up. So she tells denise and then and Michelle and Nick Hey we gotta make a move. I mean we gotta go for Tony and this is Kim in my opinion trying to build her resume. Just like you said trade. You believe maybe Sarah. We'll take a shot at Tony to be like on the one that took down him. He was ruling this game. Now give it to me the two million dollars. I think Kim was thinking the same thing here. And unfortunately you know Ben. Blows this whole thing up taking it Taking it to Tony. Though ben does tell Denise Michelle. She's got some valid points so he sees what she's saying but ultimately is going to go right. Scurrying back to Tony. Yeah Kim has been on the wrong side of most of the votes in hasn't really done anything. I feel like to distinguish yourself during this season. We've been calling her kind of mid school mid line player. Assuming she's GonNa Surge at some point in you know. Tony just keeps winning immunities. And he's the guy that people should be gunning for but you can't vote them out if you can't vote for him so yeah exactly. She's trying to figure out some way to kind of gain a foothold in this game and just obviously wasn't able to do it. Yeah and it doesn't help. Tony Keeps winning immunity challenges as she was getting more and more frustrated with that though some of that may be her fault of course in this one and we'll we'll get to that Anything else from this. Jd that jumped out at you just again. These ideas Starting to happen to their plans well again getting back to Ben Sort of shutting down. Jeremy is this a strategy that I'm not seeing and the only reason I mentioned it is because of the way the Denise Shuts Jeremy Down as well like in tribal council right right. There's that huge like talk to the hand moment where I'm done..

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