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I mean, I. Maybe that was where I was kind of going with it. And that there are a lot of dads. Who are also the expectations are there as well. More and more. Now's not the time for that time for that at some other point and I work hard. It's time for what about me. Time for that. Other things out there. I mean, it seems like we get to this part of the show. It's like this just over half hour left. There's a lot of things we haven't covered yet as you would maybe guess Americans pretty much split on whether or not a compromise should be reached on the shutdown. Yeah. People are dug in I was glad to see this. Because there's finally been some polling done on. What should be done about the government shutdown might not who's not who is to blame on it not whether or not people like the idea of a border wall? But actually who should be the one willing to reach a compromise. And yeah, both sides are very very very very dug in according to this thing from this poll from Pew Research. So they asked the question is the percentage of who would favor or oppose substantially expanding the wall along the US border with Mexico. If the only way to end the government shutdown is to pass a Bill that does not include Trump's requested funding for the border wall. Or who oppose if the only way to end the government shutdown is to pass a Bill that includes the requested funding for the border wall. Okay. So this is what it comes down to if Trump's name is not associated with it. It would be fine. Yeah. That's what a lot of times. It comes down to you. Because Democrats are dug in hard right now. I mean only six percent would favor substantially expanding the border wall. If that was the only way to end the government shutdown. By the way side story about the shutdown. Yeah. They're inmates staging a hunger. Strike. Yeah. Okay. Federal jail in Manhattan, and how many beliefs does people care about. Okay. That be maybe one the hunger. Not really, okay. Yeah. The hunger strike is because they don't they're not having access to their family members. They're not able to have visitation rights right now because of the partial government shutdown. You know, what you could see your family a lot more. If you didn't break the law. Yeah. That's that's where I stand on. Like all of a sudden, what do they think the hunger strike happens? And all of a sudden, they're like, we we we got to reach a deal. Yes. No. That's going to happen. Ann Coulter is going to see that and say, you know, what I'm going to rethink this. Did you hear the story? There's bridezillas stories all the time. About the bride who wants to buy her bridesmaids colored contact lenses. So there is don't clash with their dresses. No, I didn't. A warning again. I I suffered through Cossio Cortez. Same. You're gonna suffer now, buddy. Okay. Yeah. She's thinking about these colored contact lenses this bride to be because you can't have someone's eye color clashing with the color of the dresses. Says is it too over the top? I'm offering to let them select any other color. Even a rich amber Brown like mine. Hey, I'm being reasonable here. I'm not afraid of being overshadowed. Oh. Guys, buddy. Ryan, dude. God just run, dude. Dude. He really think this is a good idea. So I just think blue eyes would plash. Okay. And I'm not a color guy. Man. What color is that? That would be chartreuse. What color is that? I'm not entirely. Sure. Okay. It feels like a green, okay. Because that's one of the wedding color. Chartreuse K. And blue which is clash with that. Of course. Yeah. And then the vibe would be wrong that your wedding the wedding night may not go as planned, and then it gets off to a rougher start. And there's a few more arguments, and it ends in divorce. See if you would just get the right colors. Yeah. Then it will be a long happy marriage. And I don't even care if you steal the color of my is, you know, that's fine. That's okay. I'm not afraid of being overshadowed. Wow. If you like to get drunk. Boy, you finally have a job for you. Really? Yes. This was in Pennsylvania. Police department there is just looking for a few good people to get drunk. This is cuts down there. Police department looking for three volunteers to help train officers in giving sobriety. Must be available between two thirty and seven PM on April fourth fear going to do this. You have to be between the ages of twenty five and forty being good health have no history of drug or alcohol abuse. This is going to be tougher to fight you just suddenly whittled down the list of interested applicants really haven't you significantly clean criminal history. Be willing to get drunk off hard liquor. Okay. Have a designated person available to get you home and take care of you after the training and sign a liability waiver, man, I've done that. I did it for free. It was a wacky radio bit where there was a police department that was wanting to demonstrate how quickly you're technically over the legal limit even though you may be passing. And so I was passing field sobriety tests. But I was way over the limit. Did it take you to get over the limit? It was like three shots. I think really it was. But they were the you had a pound the drinks pretty quickly. So it was like three shots of liquor. And then I take the Breathalyzer and I was like right at the limit pretty quickly. Now, did you feel after effects of the shots? No later than you took the test way later.

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