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Jill on money now back to the show. You're back. It's Jill on money, and we are in the midst of an interview with a really interesting entrepreneur. Her name is Cara Golden. And she is the founder and CEO of Paint Water. Now, Water is a huge beverage category and it's enormous. It's funny that we think that Oh, my God, we're spending all this money buying water. But a lot of people just not that into plain old water like whether it's filtered water because Mark turned me onto the soma filtered water, which you know is great, but has its water. No taste. But a lot of people like the taste of something. The problem is that if you go out into the universe and check out all the products out there Some of the products have ingredients that are really discordant with a healthy lifestyle that water might imply. So you know, is the next part of our interview with Sarah Golden. She's the CEO of Hint. Water. I think just over the years and clearly when I launched him and started to do some more digging into it, I really started. Realizing you know the majority of people today who, for example, have type two diabetes, which, when I started this company, it was 2% of the population had type two diabetes. Today. It's 45% of the population has type two diabetes or pre diabetes. They claim to be eating or drinking diet, low fat and you know you look at why are we still creating these drinks and this food that is healthy perception when It's creating a problem in our environment. The rial kind of answer on that is that there's a lot of money behind it. Pharmaceutical companies make tons of money off of You know these diseases, and so I think consumers just need to really move away from sweeteners all together as much as possible. Look, if I am lucky enough to get invited to the French laundry, and there's a beautiful desert in front of me. Am I gonna eat it? Yes, but the truth is, now that I've tried to move away from this much sweetest possible. And not just sugar. But also you know these diet sweeteners. It's really tough for me to have a lot of sweet like I literally my energy levels change my just overall like I feel like it's just It's just not doing what what it should. And I think consumers just I think they know that Diet today is not what it should be, but unfortunately, I still believe that there's a lot of people out there who just sort of say can't be that bad. Let's get Into the this story of Cara, You're the youngest of five Children. Where did you grow up in Arizona? Ah, yeah. Phoenix Scottsdale area, And you went to a S U which is also marks and a modern So you know, you share that with him devils. What did you think you were going to do with your life by what your parents do for a living. My dad actually was somewhat of a frustrated entrepreneur. He was inside of a large company but constantly tinkering and developing lots of different cool things in the food environment. He originally was with a company called Armor Food Company. And had developed a product. They're called Dinner Classics, which when they were acquired when armor was acquired by ConAgra. It actually turned into a brand that is still alive today called healthy choice. And so I was, You know, a kid when my dad was Developing this product, and I'll never forget when he was developing it at one point with Julia Child and All I remember is he was, you know, drinking a ton of wine with Julia Child Services personnel so fabulous. I can't and that's right. I had no idea who she was. And my mom had. Actually, I mean, you know, it's interesting. It's always easier to look at life in the rear view mirror and you know, didn't really fully appreciate this. But my mom They had me when pretty late late back then you know they were 40 years old when when I was born, So Mike friends definitely had younger parents. I had like the oldest parents on the block, and my mom decided when I went to kindergarten to go backto work, you know, to actually switch careers. And so she had been in our history Major and taught our classes and the grade schools for many years and then took some time off to have kids. And then she decided to go into fashion. So she was working. In retail and kind of working our way up and just loved working around fashion. And so most people would learn to cook my dad instead because he was with this company. This large food company, he decided. Well, I'm just going to develop this product. And I don't know if you remember stuffers, TV dinners, of course..

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