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Celebrating fifteen years of art and community at camp arena stage a multi yard summer day camp for ages eight to fifteen camp arena stage features more than seventy five activities, including film, making music dance rock band, stop motion, animation, sports and more. Discover discovering new talent creating new passion, and they create you friends at the same time. Register today to week four week in six week. Sessions are available visit arena stage dot org slash camp. For more or call two four eight eight thirty three hundred. Obstructive sleep apnea may sound like snoring. But it can also sound like a car. Suffering from sleep apnea are seven times more likely to be involved in fatal car accident. Times nor likely to suffer from high. Times. More lunch was very strong. Ten times more likely to suffer a heart to talk in their sleep. The only sound like snoring. Sleep apnea is a serious and even life threatening condition. But it can be successfully treated. Consult with an oral and facial surgeon is part of the sleep medicine team to find out if your snoring is more than just snoring. Berlin facial surgeons are the experts in face mouth and Joe surgery. Learn more of that obstructive sleep apnea at MSN dot org. A boy born in Joplin, Missouri was fascinated by anything with wheels and a motor. The odds of him going on to fascinate millions with his talent one in two hundred sixty thousand the odds of him having fifteen career NASCAR victories one in one point seven million. The odds of the child being diagnosed with autism one in eighty eight. I'm Jamie McMurray and my niece has autism. Learn more at autismspeaks dot org slash signs. Brought to you by autism speaks and the Ad Council. Hi, it's Olympia mine with my shelter, pets, Frankie and chance. Say hi guys. When I adopted them I discovered that they both have incredible personalities chances sole purpose in life is to love and to be loved Frankie is a little bit of a scoundrel and always entertaining. They're a little bit of a lot of.

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