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All of a sudden johnny is super active online and when his friends see his activity kicked backup online again they breathe a huge sigh of relief. Janis posting updates on facebook. He's changing his. Msn's screen name. He even deletes his profile on plenty of fish so they figure he must be out there somewhere out there with jen happy living his life but then more and more days pass more and more days with no direct word from Johnny. Dale just can't shake the feeling that something isn't right by Wednesday now. Five days after Janis date with Jen. Dale decides that he's had enough. He calls police again and he says you're not listening to me. Johnny is missing and I need to officially report him as a missing person. Finally an officer agrees to at least send someone down to take a statement so dale and two friends get together relieved to finally have police taking them seriously but they wait and they wait and the cop never shows up to take the statement what they just stood him up exactly so desperate and frustrated when Friday rolls around. Dale and a couple of friends decide to take matters into their own hands. They head to Johnny's place again and this time they get through an unlocked window now when Dale spoke to police. They said they needed more evidence that something had happened to Johnny. If they were gonNA start like taking the seriously and start actually acting like it's an investigation so dale set out to find that proof himself. He knew that this might be his only chance as they walked around. Johnny's house what they saw was not the apartment of someone who just like shoved off on a month long vacation. There were like dishes in the sink uncovered food in the fridge but even more telling than that was all of Johnny's luggage all of his toiletries and importantly his passport. Now Dale knows right away like Bingo. This is what I need to get police to finally start looking but before he calls them. There's one more thing that deal wants to see while he's there. He wants to check the parking garage again. He was hoping that maybe his buddy had been back to cover up those bikes but everything was exactly the same as when he saw it last time. Harm Missing Bikes uncovered so again. Dale Calls Edmunds and police and finally finally they file a missing persons report and finally a week after his date with Jen. The search for Johnny officially begins when police start working this case. They're still very much working on the theory that Johnny. Meta girl hit it off and ran away from their perspective. He was a grown man. He'd been emailing his friends updating facebook and they figured that this would be an open and shut case they just needed to find out where Johnny. What's so they start by hitting all the places? You'd look for proof that someone was on a beach vacation. They look for his car at parking lots around the airport they call airlines to see. Johnny had flown in or out the even call customs officials in Costa Rica to see Johnny had been through at all but these first few calls alternative absolutely nothing so okay they start getting a little bit more suspicious and they realized that they need to start making some more calls so they start to call anyone they can find who has any kind of connection to Johnny personal professional in person or online and one by one. They find out that the last time anyone had seen or spoken to. Johnny was Friday October tenth the day of his date with JEN now. Some people had received those emails that we read before and some had seen the status updates on facebook but no one had like a real time conversation with him at any point since that date and this is when police are finally on the same page is deal like maybe there really is something going on here and if he's not on a beach vacation than where the heck is he. These store asking more about the date. Johnny had the weekend before. That was the last time anyone saw or heard from him. Dale tells them about Janis. Hookup date with Jen Jen. The Stranger John from the Internet and police asked Dale for the address and this. Dale tells them like okay. This is the funny thing. She wouldn't give Johnny her address. Just these really convoluted directions to her house that included instructions to go through garage when he got there. So police follow these convoluted directions and end up just as they thought in front of a detached garage it. Has these two big roll up doors. It's kind of run down just an ordinary garage. Nothing standing out about this thing now. They can't just go barging in without a warrant or probable cause so they start talking to neighbors instead and they learned the garage is a part of a rental property. That includes a house as well. The garage in the House are rented separate tenants and neither of those tenants is named general. In fact no one has ever even heard of anyone named Jen. Police probe a little bit more. Start asking who then had been renting the garage and they find out. It's a local guy named mark twitchell. Who's been using the space as a film set? Police reach out to mark by phone and ask him a few basic questions. Do you rent the garage. Do you know anyone named Jen. Did A guy show up unexpectedly last Friday night and like all these questions that we have now? Mark is super cooperative. He answered every single question. He says I've been running the space for a film project that just wrapped. I have no idea who jen is. I don't know anyone by that name and I don't know anything about a missing guy now while they're on the phone with him like they tried to peak in the garage but they can't see anything inside because the windows are all blackout remember. It's a film set so they asked Mark if you would mind if they took a quick look around just to see for themselves that like there's no sign of Johnny. Nothing fishy is going on and mark says yeah for sure like I will head over there right now to let you in. When mark arrives he and the officers walked to the back of the building to get in but I started coaching. The door mark stops cold in his tracks and he points to the padlock on the door and he says this isn't mine. Someone's changed it now. Apparently whoever changed the lock was apparently an idiot? Because according to Steve Lil and Bruins book the islet part of the loch like. That's the part that you loop the lock through was attached to the building from the outside so one of the officers just took out a key or something from his pocket and literally. Just like unscrewed the screws and the islet came off still attached to the locks on the door just like swings wide open now the first thing that police notice when they step inside the garage is the smell hanging in the air. It's smells like something at one point in time had been burned in the garage and the second thing that they notice. Is this huge stainless steel table. Like something you'd see in a butcher shop or something like that now. The only thing on this table is a paper receipt from a hardware store showing someone had bought a bunch of industrial cleaning supplies paper towels rubber gloves industrial solvent and plastic sheeting yet. Totally normal garage stuffy so maybe not super normal for your but mark tells them of the movie he made in. This space was a horror film. One where they had to use a bunch of fake blood like a lot of fake blood so he tells the officers that they use a mix of like corn syrup food coloring on movie sets and it's Super Super Messy. And if you don't clean it up quickly into a really good job that it attracts a bunch of bugs pretty fast. So he says you know. This is what all this is about. I had to clean up this movie set beyond the smell and the receipt. Nothing else in the garage is super suspicious especially considering that it was a film set but they still WanNa get an official statement from Marc. He heads to the station with the police by the Chinese one. On one with an investigator. It's the middle of the night. Three o'clock in the morning but mark is a really good sport about it all. He's friendly confident and forthcoming with all of his answers. Trying to be as helpful as possible now even though it is the middle of the night notices that mark has a ton of energy. He talks about Star Wars Fan films that he's made about the movie industry in general about how he makes his living which he says partly from investors and partly from selling Star Wars Memorabilia on Ebay and he was on to tell the police about his wife named Jess and their eight month old daughter chloe and how they share this home on the outskirts of town like on the surface. This guy seems fine for sure. A little quirky. Yeah but fine. As far as police are concerned he's not a suspect or really even a person of interest. He's just there to answer some questions about his garage as the potential last known whereabouts of a missing person now according to an episode of True Crime Canada one of the lead investigators even watches the tape of the interview back a second time looking for any signs in his body language that maybe mark was being deceptive but he finds nothing no stuttering no hesitation nothing to suggest that he was being anything other than honest and helpful so after a few hours of questioning they thank mark for his time and let him go but there is one thing that the investigators can't get out of their heads. What are the chances that Johnny had gone missing from the exact spot that this guy was making a bloody horror movie like? Maybe it was a huge coincidence but it would turn out to be one of many many coincidences in this case involving mark twitchell. This episode was made possible by thread up. If you've ever looked at your closet and thought have nothing to wear. 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