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So we've seen that. And now, we kind of see where everything lies I really feel like there's a bit of an elephant in the room in regards to a lot of these cases, the internet would all of those instances because I mean, all of these cases nowadays get kind of blown up way more because of the internet. But a lot of these cases were way back when and the internet, obviously, wasn't that big like happen on a lack broadcast, and then that would be. Yeah. Well, yeah, I mean, and that was really not. But but it wasn't spread like the continuous. And do you feel like a lot of these cases would be like if that was done, obviously with the internet in place, and it would just be would someone like no we got a year down, or do you think that they would have seen that a viral video of triple h pretending to have sex with a corpse getting. Media now, let's ten million views in big oh my God. And they'd lean into it more. Yeah. I don't know. Would that have changed the dynamic? I I don't necessarily think that those moments chez all I don't know that they necessarily. Can we just can't you just do the gift of its banking poop, doc, I think that's the best one? It's not like those moments are necessarily identity that the company wants now. Why would they be the company that they are now without those moments? I don't know. I mean, I guess ultimately it's important to remember where you came from. And that whole age-old saying, you know, he without sin. Yeah. So it's like it's weird to be like, how dare they when you should go. Well, I understand what they're doing. I can say don't like it. But as always you don't like something just don't say anything is the most powerful thing. You can do is apathy. That's true. I think I think some people though that maybe say you watch. You watch wrestling as a fan, you may one like your thing that you love to be better served referral to reflect maybe you're moral standards, or whatever which I understand that too. But if you're if her case happened on WBZ television, like I still wouldn't it still wouldn't wouldn't here. It wouldn't wouldn't stand. And I think that might be partly because of spending some time on the internet and going to your monster. Exactly. So it's like I'm kind of immune to a lot of that stuff. So when something like that happens, you know, it kind of perk up a little bit. Yeah. What's going on here? The only way you can feel and I'm just so numb to it. All. The match burn. Although there is a moment a couple months ago where Rhonda Rowzee like this really good promo against the Bella twins and Jews like really like she talked about John CENA like dumping. That's the that's the go-to though when it comes to them. They everybody brings up John's seen. John, john. I mean, she might. But it seems like I remember that moment in movie, it's just my Google feet or whatever, but like kind of spilled out a little bit. I saw a lot of people reporting on that specific moment because they're Otit. She really went for the jugular and clearly they had discussed it like they do with everything. But she really went for it. And I can't believe that wasn't crossing the line where they brought in their relationships or whatever. But I guess they re reality show what your line is two. Oh, it was that was a real real moment. No, no. It wasn't a shoot moment thought it was a promo. And it was like the first time Ronda Rousey had come out and done anything more than like scowl. She like cut a promo where she just like rift into her and not only talked about her legacy in the ring. But also this woman's legacy her personal life because she had just gone through. She was supposed to be married Johnson. And they separated in like the relationship. I guess I don't know. What's real or fake?.

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