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About this and having a conversation about this. It's time for your national forecast in the west above the five thousand foot level in the Sierras in the Rockies. That's the northern Rockies central Rockies and portions of the cascades will continue to see that wet weather becomes snowfall. And then at the lower reaches will see more rain on shore for the west coast. We do have an area of low pressure breaking off from that system and OBI centered on the central US for the next couple days. We're going to continue to see rainfall at least through Saturday for the central area of the country, then by Saturday that system will become a little more organized develop a frontal boundary and by Sunday head off into the mid Atlantic and northeast so through Friday, look for those showers to be in the central part of the country Saturday and Sunday in the east. You'll also have a fifty fifty chance of rain in the deep south from Friday through Sunday from Texas over to the Carolinas. The national forecast. From Red Eye Radio. I'm meteorologist John trout. Hey, it's LARs Larson social security is upon escape the money. You're paying now is going to people who are collecting now you're hoping that by the time you had social security age the people paying then we'll be paying the check you receive. Then the money's you paid out those monies have long since been sent out in the form of checks to retired Americans. Weeknights nine to midnight on the talk of Connecticut. W W W M W start your day with the news, traffic, weather, sports talk. You need to stay informed..

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