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Fox's Simon Owen monitoring live from London. Dave, Reuters reposing one of the Indonesian plane's black box flight recorders. The cockpit voice recorder captured the pilots scouring handbook for clues. As they tried to understand why the play was lurching downwards, but they ran out of time before it crashed into the Java seat, ROY Reuters replacing the recording ends with the captain clients. And the first officer saying God is great. Meanwhile, a separate report from Bloomberg says a different crew on the same plane had encountered a similar confusion the day before the helped by an off duty pilot who happens to be riding into cocktails. Dave. Simon. The transportation department's inspector general is going to do an audit of the FAA and certification of that type of Boeing jet. Joe Biden appears to be ready to run for president. The Wall Street Journal reports the former vice president told several supporters yesterday he intends to join the twenty twenty democratic race. But is concerned he won't be able to raise the six million dollars the first day like Beto over Oregon. Bernie Sanders did President Trump just tweeted about one of his staunch critics who's married to Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway, he wrote George Conway is a stone cold loser. A husband from hell who's very jealous of his wife success and angry. It didn't give Conway the job you so desperately wanted many areas of the midwest remain underwater heartbreaking to leave your home and everything you've got good. You don't know if you'll go back do not choosing Craig Missouri. This funding from Kansas to Wisconsin vice-president Pence got a look from the air and underwater communities and farms and hard hit Nebraska and Iowa messages, we're with you a sheriff's deputy gunned down in Washington state last night when a driver. Refused to pull over that opened fire killing him and wounding police officer. This is Fox News..

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