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And I was, just like I thought I, was like I'm. Being tested so I was good and walk out of mass and I looked down and I was, just like, I mean it was, just like that. Was, awesome. Hysterical dude I mean you know all my gosh whatever and my son's, like can, we stop by Dunkin, donuts and I'm. Like no We're going, home And so we pull. Into the driveway I run into the house and I stand in. In our kitchen we got a little, TV in there and I guess people in this area like it wasn't the cold open as. The opening skit so I've got this little fast, forward thing going and I see like the c. span logo, and, I'm like okay this has got to be it and just stood there. And watched it and I was like oh. God And I mean there were like a million thoughts, going, through my. Head like, okay it's funny. It's well-deserved oh, my, God I still like you're like, this, is Saturday. Night Live. And that's me I mean again like I, I grew up Mm like, mimicking skits from, Chevy Chase and, Chris Farley and. You know you name it Tina Fey, remembered you said that thing, on, Saturday night. And now, I, was like okay that's me But someone gave you, a super soaker I got, a, couple of I also. Wanted to ask oh well this person this is an, audience question in what ways was the. Job as a White House press secretary. Different than what you expected All When I took the, job I have a conversation with Josh. Arts he's walking me through all this logistic. Stuff and at the end of one of the conversations I said he can I ask you a question like is there anything personal like that should be ready for in terms of, like I'd done, three four or five hundred hits television hits when I was at the RMC the closest anyone ever came to recognize. Me it was like I was in the Josephine, banks the sweater section at Christmas and a guys like you're the Republican Now's like it so I was like you probably get, a little bit, more Josh's like look I just stopped taking Uber x because it just became uncomfortable once in a while and I. Was like okay well I'm kind of a cheap, guy so whatever day to I get in the Subaru ex guys Oh. I know you are you're going to have to tempt me Literally it's like okay black Not that I I was I don't think the level of intensity. In scrutiny was even look I knew that there would be an, elevation in like name ID but like, among the. C. span crowd, no, offense this is, us, but but I. Thought okay I get. That I just didn't think and then obviously like there's a lot of protocols and traditions that you know kind of and literally like. I write in the book I'm talking to Jeff, Mason who is the president the White House correspondent association. About the press, covering everything he goes look first couple of weeks. People come in your, briefing and then after. That, it just, things, out And I like every day. After that second week, I'd be today Jeff Now you actually interestingly sort of democratized? That, press room can you talk for those of us watching. At home we're we can't see all the hierarchies traditions in the room that was a really interesting part of the book you describe this? Sort, of the way things generally are in the changes that you, made yeah and it's interesting because I still get reporters, that will say we really. Appreciate how you democratize the press briefing room and I think. That's important so just to make you guys and understand. How this works there are forty nine seats. In the press briefing room they're assigned by, the, White House Correspondents Association and, the first few rows are. TV networks wires and, then, the big guys Washington Post New York Times the, LA times, says one I can't remember. What you've got all the networks the wires and then the big ones and then. It kind of works back and then that's for, those who are assigned so. If you are not among the, forty. Nine you don't get a seat you can stand if there's room etc I believe that there's A lot of, voices in this country and I thought that when I? Took, over my one of my things was I was like. This is there are a lot of people spit foreign language media business media local television talk.

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