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To the quarterback. But he is so quick after he makes the catch. He puts his foot in the ground and turns around to people miss the tackle. And he goes into the end zone. Untouched. Cybersex report is all the way, and it is good. So Oklahoma back back Klux down drives the Sooners. Take a fourteen seven lead with three seventeen to go here in the first quarter. A fifty eight yard touchdown pass to Mark Brown. We'll check the drive summary. Brought to you by discover card. Discover things annual fees are ridiculous. If you to find out more at discover dot com. Four plays seventy two yards. Two minutes off the clock and marquees Brown. He makes things happen. A dairy picket missed the tackle and Brown was off to the races. I mean, there's not very many times in college football where you as a receiver. Put your foot look around you come back to the football. You come back to the quarterback. And then you have the quickness to turn around and make two people miss to go into the end. So that's why I was talking about this kid is just electric with the football. It is hands. And now we've already seen two explosive plays one on special teams one on offense for Oklahoma. Brian. This is the same team. I went back and had to double check. My numbers had a hundred and seventeen plays of twenty or more yards last year one hundred seventeen by far the first the best in college football. These are the reasons why is that sometimes it just takes one play for this offense to change the game. Cyber getting ready to kick it away. Darnay home standing a York. Deep into the end zone. Cyber kickoff. So far has been all the way through the end sold. CB doesn't again, which is white put into the football and other very deep pick hands. Just drops his head and starts walking the sideline as that. One goes. Over the back line of the football will come out to twenty five yard line. I intend for UCLA. And now it's on the Bruins shoulders to answer and.

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