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Obviously in in the line of work that you do really like like an amazing fucking life like life could not be better. I thought we were on top of the world. I literally thought we had we had this down, Pat. This was this was couldn't get any better. Couldn't get better. You were Dr you're making money, and you're helping people you're living, your, profession and your passion. I was leading you're leading. And your wife was supporting you, you you had a romantic relationship and joy and love. And then inside of that, you would you would teach all that to your kids. Yeah. So so yeah. Literally on top of fucking whore. Like untouchable, and then comes in tragedy this out of fucking it. Like it was out of nowhere a newer my wife had been training for a half marathon. It we thought she was healthy as a horse. We had no idea. This was this was going to go down. And then so this heads home talked to us about the process. What happened first of all? All what happened to you? When you received the news, what happened to the kids? And then how did you how did you lead? Because of course, you have to you have to make sure that you carry all the pain. Yeah. So that the kids don't carry it. Although they carried anyway. So I I remember this very clearly I was in my office seeing patients, and I got a phone call from my mother-in-law telling me that my wife shawny was found unconscious at home and that they were bringing in by by ambulance. And of course, I said to my staff, I'm leaving. I'm out of here. And I ran out the door and literally flew the hospital couple of blocks away and met the ambulance there. And I remember seeing her pretty much lifeless on that gurney, and they rolled her in and they immediately rolled her into the cat scanner because she was completely nearly unresponsive and me being a doctor and seeing what what showed up on that screen, and realizing that there was a hell of a lot of blood where did not belong. I immediately doubled over. I was on the floor. I was bawling my eyes. I've screaming uncontrollably. And it was it was it was it was a shock. And once you. Once you found out about this. Like, how was I was the news announced to your wife. And also, I was the news announced your family and like talk about that meant. Well. So so once we realized that she had this bleed. Of course, the kids were completely unaware would happen. They were in school to time. And we didn't tell them we actually didn't tell me said to them. Their mother was sick. She was in the hospital. We didn't want to worry them because we didn't know what was going on yet. In fact, actually, the doctors had absolutely no clue they thought there was possibly a tumor there. They weren't sure. And finally when the dust to settle and she started becoming more cognizant more aware, and they realized that there was a tumor there. That's when we lead the children to come in when she was more awake. And and and we told the community we told the, you know, the rest of the family, but what what was disturbing to me at the time in in the least my my father-in-law who who's teaches Noor anatomy guy wrote the textbook on on Noor anatomy. We found out that the tumor was. An area. They thought the tomb was an area that was completely in early inoperable..

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