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That is a smart play because trying to fit all of the dune book into one would be challenging. I think, especially with modern audiences. Those of us who know the source material, you already have our money. We are already going to see this the general audience, watching his galactic of not necessarily Juliette, but kinda sorta Romeo Juliet with the hawk Owens and the atrocities with these odd creatures everywhere, and the spice. I think that there might be a little bit of a disconnect the so focusing on the first part of the book, which is mainly the political intrigue side. I think it's a good way to hook people. And in the second movie, hopefully they get a chance to make it. And I one does well enough or they are not scared by the time you get the second movie, then you can go to Iraq s then you. Can show the sand worms then you can do all of those aspects of the book that would be harder to do all in one movie, especially the scope and scale that somebody like Denny villa new will want to do. So I'm excited for it. I think it is a smart move to hook people in to only give them one aspect of the storyline before going just full bore into giant space. Monsters that live under the sand in the spice. And yeah. Get weird, but I'm on board for that and excited for it, altered carbon season two. They just announced to will be cast in that. I was, I think one of the two hundred people who watched altered carbon season one and enjoyed it. It problematic in certain areas. Yes. Do I still like the concepts and the world building? Absolutely. So season two, they just announced that Anthony Mackie will be taking over the role as Takeshi Kovacs now Takeshi Kovacs. This is another one of those complicated stories because immediately you had the people who got real upset because they, they thought it was another kind of ghost in the shell type of situation because this character kiss you Kovacs who's played by Joel Kinman. But he is only in a sleeve and he actually is because she Kovacs. On the inside. It is just his physical body that is different and it gets a little bit messy. But I joined the system in the future that they were building on, and it was based off of the series of books by Richard k Morgan. And in those books Takeshi his constantly switching sleeves. The story jumps over hundreds of years, different planets, different worlds, so they can kind of play around with this and it could be interesting to have. Again, could be interesting if it moves forward to then get a mixture of different actors. But I think through that lens of representation and I think certain people are justifiably going to be a little bit weirded out by this again in season two being like, okay, your name is Takeshi Kovacs. You originally looked like this person. You're in one sleeve, all right. We kinda use that whatever at the end of season one something happens. And then now he's to that. Same character is going to be played by Takeshi co or played bed. Keshi Kovacs played by Anthony Mackie. So any maquis I think need something different. He needs something also needs something to do. We're not really sure what is going to happen. Post marvel cinematic universe. And in the meantime, he is a working actor. He needs to take project. I liked the world building with altered carbon. For a Netflix show. The budget was grazie and I think most of it worked there only a couple seen the couple of things I was like, okay, I can see the, you know cracks in it. You can see the edges if you were, but still it was really impressive world that they built. So I like season one. It was fantastic, but I, but I enjoyed it. I'm on board for season two, especially with Anthony Mackie. I think he has a solid actor. I'm I, we enter disea- what his take is on this character that essentially we have seen two different versions of already. We see the original actors to kiss you Kovacs within two Joachim's version of that same character. Now he gets the Anthony Mackie's version and how it compares to those first two. So it will be interesting. They have not announced winded officially is going to be dropping on that flicks, but. But it was Greenland instead of Anthony Mackie, and we'll kind of go from there and see win. It happens..

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Takeshi Kovacs, Anthony Mackie, Takeshi discussed on About to Review

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