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Gypsy I, if you really look at the defense, I think the problem is two-fold. Now you say we should move on from Peters. He's gone. There's nothing we can do about it. Let's focus on the guys that are here. All right. I'm willing to do that with Peter's. I do think that Peter's absent is part of why the defense is poor way that it looks certainly part of the story, but let's see what they do at the second round draft pick. Let's see how the season of I'm willing to move on from the Marcus Peters conversation for the sake of this discussion. But part of the problem with the chiefs defense is you have not drafted a developed really well. The guys that are currently here, like I remember being sold from John Dorsey and Brett VH tunnel pass. Joe was a project by year two. He was gonna hit the ground running that last year. Very similar to Patrick. Mahomes was a redshirt year and a year or two. He was gonna hit the ground running. He was going to be a part of the team. I look this up. He is played in twelve percent of of the defensive snaps. He can't even get on the field in year two after learning your defensive scheme. All of last season after another off CD learning. This defense he's already been passed by Bruin speaks. I remember you a really high on Dory know Daniel man. He hybrid guy played at Clemson. He was the guy that played a high level could at least give you something Dorie. No. Daniel has been on the field for one snap the entire time. The chiefs played one hundred sixty four defensive snaps dorey. No, Daniel was on there for one. It was like he just wanted on the field for the one I accidentally. He just magically delivered on the field. Man, that's part of the problem. The chiefs have been unable to develop defensive players. You can instantly plug into the defense and can play from day one. Think about over the last, what five years. It's only been two players, Marcus Peters. Chris Jones. I've been the only guy that you felt that you could plug in from day one and could really help your team that part of the problem with the defenses, man, where's the help come and where's the reinforcements coming tunnel passing? It was supposed to be a guy that can help you with the password. He can't get on the field at this point. I think I think the deal with Paseo and I'll give him somewhat of a pass. And the reason I say that is because he is a project, he did come out of Villanova. They liked what he had, but they knew they were going to have to work with him. And one of the things that we've been talking about with with the chiefs at the Russian three guys, which means that you're dropping deformed, you're dropping Justin Houston you're up and all those guys back into pass coverage. I don't think that's necessarily tunnel passengers thing, you know, and and if you're going to go after the after the quarterback, then you have four on one side, you're going to have Justin Houston on the other. So I don't know if there's really a place to put him right now. But at some point though, don't you create a space like if you were a guy that wreaked havoc, if you were a guy that was a dominant run stop yet or guy that we're going to get to the owner again, like win that battle in practice, even have that opportunity, you know? And he has done. And I don't wanna make it seem like tunnel pass and you. I know he played at Villanova. I don't wanna make it seem like he was some seventh round draft pick. You're rolling the dice with just went the top sixty pick on Tano passing you by at least year to you should be getting some kind of fruits where I can see something with him, and he's a guy your second round draft and I'm not giving you a pass in the NFL when you were picked in the second round. If you were a six round draft pick. All right. I'm willing to have a different kind of leeway with you. I mean, look around the NFL guys that are drafted in similar position. Tano Paseo can contribute to your.

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