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One over Pittsburgh got a little help from the Coliseum turf. When Steelers kicker Chris Boswell slept on a forty yard field goal attempt. That would have sent the game into overtime Garrick paths for three hundred twenty two yards. Two touchdowns. The second one a six yarder to Derek carrier on a fourth down play with twenty one seconds to go to give the raiders I three point lead for Jon Gruden. I think he's played great. You know what? I mean. He's saying, you know, the ravens a heck of the defense on the road. I thought he played great dare I thought he played really well, obviously against the chiefs Edison position win fourth quarter. And Pittsburgh Steelers with division on the line. This is must win. Win for them. They certainly was and Ben Rothlisberger missed most of the second half with a rib injury came back and led the Steelers to a touchdown drive that put them ahead before the raiders got that six yard touchdown pass to Derek carrier. So the Steelers are seven five and one and the raiders are three and ten as are the forty Niners who beat the Broncos twenty two fourteen did most of all their score. In fact, did all their scoring in the first half when they racked up three hundred eleven yards and twenty points deleted twenty to nothing Nick Mullins three hundred thirty two yards two touchdowns. But the story was George Kittle who had seven catches for two hundred and ten yards all of that coming in the first half. The Cowboys beat the eagles twenty nine twenty three and overtime. Dak prescott. A fifteen yard touchdown pass to a Amaury Burr in the extra session to give Dallas the win. They've won six in a row and for Amari Cooper today. Ten catches two hundred. And seventeen yards in two touchdowns sports at fifteen and forty five and all news one six nine AM, seven forty KCBS. At Walgreens, we know holiday plans, never go. According.

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