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You guys have something to say about that. A hundred percent me now. i'll say two things. One is just general to comment. I made earlier about you. Know what if redbird has to do with with fair park. It's like in everyone's mind all of southern dallas monolithic. And it's exactly the same thing. There's no acknowledgement of how huge it is diverse population socioeconomically racially diverse pleasant growth and oak cliff. Have nothing to do with each other. They are so so different but but one thing happens in southern dallas and the entire areas painted with it. And so you're right. Valley view sat. You know with nothing going on. Nobody is saying oh. North dallas is viable. Right it's like that old headline murder in oak cliff. Where was actually. You don't know where the murder was. It was in oakland. There's an oak cliff half a southern the the the other thing. I'll say the phrase that you use just to be very. Frank is a phrase that that i hear from From from friends in the african american community all the time you gotta be twice as good to get half the credit and that is definitely true of this development there there. We have literally been murders north park in the parking lot. Nobody cares everybody flocks back there if there's a hubcaps stolen in the parking lot there's a channel.

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