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Where does it end? Now in my beloved, Indianapolis, there's a town called karnal caramels got some box caramels got some money, wherever it is, you live the area of, of, of your area that has the people of a whole bunch of money live. Carmel Carmel Indiana beautiful place. And there's a story about how there at the at the high school lot. Kids vaping, vaping, you know, the, the electronic cigarettes jewel things like that I've never worked, so I don't know. But their bathing and is becoming a real problem and you can't go into a bathroom without a bunch of kids vaping. Well, the city of, of Carmel they've decided that this is a good reason to start looking at whether or not. They should be maybe working to, you know, stop vaping in public parks and stop vaping in other spaces. And maybe maybe we're a whole citywide smoking ban, because now's the perfect time to take advantage of things. Now's the perfect time to take advantage of things and tell some of the bars, it's still allow smoking, you know what? No smoking some teenagers vaping during work, and so your plan is to tell grownups. They can't smoke. Why are we allowing teenagers to date? Why not just tell them if you vape you're expelled? I believe the reason that doesn't happen is because you have a whole host of parents and others who tell their kids, they're great. And you've got a whole grouping of teachers and ministers, who are afraid of those parents, the teachers and administrators wanna hold to a standard, and you've got parents who don't want to care about that. They just want to make sure that their little. A sweet whatever the kid's name is gets their degree. I think if you through the kids out of school for vaping, you'd have a whole bunch of pan to tell their kids, you listen to me, very carefully. I'm paying for private school that twenty thousand a year. That's my vacation, you're going to go to school. You shut your mouth. You're not gonna vape. You're going to do your work. You're gonna to get good grades and not gonna bother me. See that would involve parented not.

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