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If you're using. Facebook to bryn leads close ticket deals attract more clients. Then you are going to love this interview because on this show today i have probably one of the best people in the world. Who's doing it for other clients. And he's helping people make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month online with just organic facebook marketing. So in the show. I've got shawn kemp with me today. He is a copywriter and the guy knows his stuff in the show to see if you don't make it through the whole episode. He has his fifty two page. Swipe file which you will get access to once you hop into his facebook group so makes you check out the show notes for that s- literally better than most paid products i've ever seen when it comes to copyrighted so check that alex free. It's an amazing resource below and in this episode. Just to kind of give you a taste before we jump in here your day laura couple of things number one. You're gonna learn how to use. Google documents a simple google doc to presell leads before they close. You're gonna learn how to create offers that monetize other people's audiences and then last but not least. You're gonna learn how to write two steps. Which if you don't what that is heal explained in the interview How to write two steps and why you should write them like a landing page as opposed to an ad. Okay all that and a lot more you learn a lot like a facebook marketing. Organic marketing masterclass. Okay so enjoy my interview with shawn kemp. In.

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