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From hockey. Report dot com. And i'm joined by the great legend. I will Chuck long chuck. How are you. i'm doing great time. Yeah and thanks for the nice introduction. Find right but to be on with you. Did you notice that You know your name is on the side of kennex stadium there on the on the press box thing. Did you notice that when you're old. Teammates is on there now to andre tippett real excited about have been up on the wall. He deserves it a great player. One of very few hawk is i. Think is maybe four in history to be in the pro-football fame and a collegiate hall of fame. So he's he's getting inducted into college football hall of fame in las vegas. Along with bob. Stoops get inducted as university. Oklahoma all time winningest coach but all three of us were on one thousand nine hundred. Eighty one hawkeye team together. So i'm going to go out to vegas in december and see the induction. Both those guys getting inducted in andre up on the walls. It's an honor to be next storm. We need to get andrei onto. That'd be fun. one cannot in. Yeah so we made it chuck You know after everything happened last year with you know kind of stops and starts and stops start again and and and a note fans Were just a few days away from having fans.

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