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A half a percent. Difference is two hundred fifty dollars. That's what we're talking about here. So I would number one. Did you talk the credit union in person or did you just look at their website elegant their website? Okay. I'd call the manager and just go. Hey, American Express CIT. They've got these things on their site. That's like one percent. And you guys are like at a quarter. What's the problem because credit unions are supposed to be better than banks and just kind of give him a hard time? Wink, wink, right with a smile on your face, right? And see what you get out of that. I do that periodically with my hometown Bank. And I get my rate up. I got a little more than fifty thousand in there. I'm not exactly jed clampett with Mr. garage sale or something here. But it's. But at least you could just mess with them. Right because they might have something that's not showing on their website. And I'm trying to save for a house, and I need to get around one percent on my money. And I'd like to keep it here in town, and you know, with the credit union, I don't really want to send it to New York. But you know, you're going to have to help me out here and just mess with them a little bit shop around your local area. But I wouldn't spend a thousand dollars worth of my time trying to make one hundred bucks, right? Just you know, kinda I'm probably going to keep it around town there somewhere. But I think you can probably get something up around the one percent, Mark if you're already up to five or ten thousand savings and you're heading towards fifty while you're saving for your down payment. And plus you probably got your other stuff at the credit union your emergency fund. You know, you're checking and that kind of stuff, and so they ought to be helpful to you there. And that's what I would look for open phones at triple eight eight to five five two two five El Paso, Texas. Angelina is with us. Hey angela. How you doing? I'm doing great. How are you better than I deserve? How can I help? Question. I'm a financial peninsulas university coordinator, and I'm advising a sixteen year old school students. She's a former student of mine, and she is graduating a year early at the tender age of seventeen this spring going off to college raised by her grandmother who can't help her with this question. She received the judgment when she was just an infant do an accident isn't a time deposit account, and she cannot have it until she his fate. Wants to know what? The taxes you.

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