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Talk radio five sixty KSFO with you were ever you go special report a democratic house leader dies Maryland congressman Elijah Cummings has passed away I am comforted by a man who was a man of faith and a man that was a patriot for this country Texas representative Sheila Jackson Lee remembering the late chairman of the powerful house oversight and government reform committee the son of a sharecropper who was elected to Congress in nineteen ninety six his office said he died early this morning due to long standing health issues reporter April Ryan considered the congressman a mentor I knew him when he was a lawyer when he was a delegate in the state of Maryland and it was wonderful seeing him on that unique perch as a fighter in Washington for Maryland and the nation and even the world representative Carolyn Maloney will serve as acting chair of the oversight committee until Democrats choose a permanent chair that date has not been announced Elijah Cummings dead at sixty eight I'm Michael Toscana striking United auto workers union members in fifty cities are waiting right now to hear if the tentative strike ending deal as being approved by a union council Vanessa your cabbage has more from Detroit today is critical for the nearly fifty thousand workers who have been on strike for nearly five weeks now the unions council voting on this tentative agreement if they vote yes it'll then be taken to members across the country and they will get their chance about Gordon Sunland the US ambassador to the European Union is testifying before the house in Piedmont enquiring correspondent monu Raju is on Capitol Hill is top diplomat for the European Union makes very clear that he was disappointed in his work school doesn't pointed that the president had directed him to talk to Rudy Giuliani and then learning later Rudy Julie had an agenda that could have that could help president trump's twenty twenty reelection campaign the federal reserve reports U. S. factory output slumped half a percent in September by.

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