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Sure that that it doesn't happen like I don't want anybody going more than five minutes over there. I don't want to be going over there at all right like five minutes starting to like stress out all right. What am I going to due to move this around James this like sometimes we're host that can be like I can be a little overrated? I'm like all right. No here's what we're going to come back three minutes later. I thought I thought about gotTA differently. This is what we're what. What are your moves? How do you actually do it because you like any any place? You're pro like going to have like flex tables right until like tables that if I want to can sit sit three people or four top. Five people We have a attendant tables in the basement. Sometimes weekend I'll be like I'm gonNA bring up another two adopt connected to this other two top top right because I've five a little bit of flexibility. Yeah but if people do get over there wait. I'll usually like go up to them in this kind of segues goes into. The next topic is at the bar and say they're like fifteen minutes over there. Wait I'll be like. Hey you guys like. Do you have any food allergies restrictions and I'll like have the kitchen send out like cucumbers or something. Thanks that while they're like looking over the menu because at this point they're like Hungary and that's what I think that's why people are so mean to hosts 'cause they're like starving in a host is the the only person in a restaurant who tells you know like everybody else Holy Shit. Yeah Yeah I think about that all the time. That's the only like my job is to figure out ways to say yes to people we'll in whatever that means in the host is literally the only person who's like boom that's the only get in the whole place. Yeah everything else. We're just here to make nick make sure you have a good time. But then usually people like hit their table like say fifteen minutes late and you hit him with a light snack. They're like well thank you boss. This is really going to tide me over until you know so you can think about the menu. This episode is sponsored. By Rossi's rotties is making stylish shoes as for women and girls that are insanely comfortable fully machine washable. which I'd argue is an underrated feature rotties flats are a sustainable? They're stylish. They're made out of recycled plastic water bottles. They've diverted over thirty five million bottles landfills already. And they're just getting started. I've got a pair of the rockies sneaker in black and I love it because it's it's super casual I can wear it around on the weekends But also it has a ton of support so I can be on the day I can walk really far and I don't really get tired aired or my feet don't hurt And also because it's the beginning of the New Year. I'm thinking a lot about sustainability and I appreciate that these are made out of recycled materials and are good for the earth so check out all their stylish and sustainable styles at RAF dot com slash. Peter That's R. O.. T. H. why S. dot com slash eater to get your new favorite Plaques Comfort Style and sustainability. These are the shoes you've been waiting for. Go to rocky's DOT COM slash Peter. Today the holidays are behind us and so are all the heavy meals and constant drinking. That goes with them. Drinking to celebrate. Celebrate drinking to relax during tolerate your family it's it's a lot if you're looking for something to drink when you're not drinking checkout seed let see lip. It's the world's first is still non alcoholic spirit. It is no sugar and no calories and comes. In three complex and balanced varieties spice ninety four an aromatic blend of Jamaican all spice very cardamom and citrus. Peel grow forty to a celebration of all things orange and citrus and garden one zero eight a slightly hoppy herbal bland. See Lip is a perfect perfect addition to any bar card try their signature serve two ounces of siedle top by a little ginger l.. Plus a lemon wheel or a lime wedge even his finger Rosemary. If you're feeling fancy or get crazy and serve slip your way gives you a little bit try for yourself and taste what some of the most celebrated bartenders and Michelin.

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