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So I met up with him again when you're in that situation do anything able to survive just like you were saying jumbo four people in sex work, especially if you're addicted to drugs, and people were fighting this for you and people are forcing into the situation because of your financial social standing, you're most likely to do it, and you're not necessarily been happy about it. But it's just something you do. So I wanna keep that in mind with the situation. A twenty eight year old said that buck offered him a drink Gatorade. When he drink again and said he began to feel as if you've been drugged and suspect the drink. Contained drugs such as H B. We did the usual change into his clothes drink most the gear in a few minutes. I felt woozy. I didn't feel my normal self. I can barely keep my eyes open. This is I mean, I don't want to go into too much further. I mean, it's it's honestly just almost too much. She would pretty much talk about what the effects of being was liked today's as other the darkness that is in. So the darkness that is in the pairing of Tommy hilfiger tidy Whitey as a muscle t shirt in long Johns, and there were photos of this. You know, what I'll say this. I'm not a psycho sexual therapist. But we all know what Tommy hilfiger underwear packages. Look like, we know what that section of the JC Penney's TJ Maxx may Kohl's wherever you are. You know is a lot of like hunky shirtless men in Tommy hilfiger underwear we know that like the room we know that it's like an American kind of like ideal on that underwear packaging. Yeah. And I just want to say that that is so dark with the white muscle t shirt in the long Johns. Like, I just I can't I know. I know I see like I can't get that image out of my monitors like what kind of darkness and trauma and evil led to that pairing of like fantasy. I don't know. No, I might be reading too much into it. But like, it's it's something I'm not a quip to even. A man. No. When we can it's literally way too much to understand. I can we're only telling you what what we're reading. And what we're finding out. We cannot explain to you. What's actually going on in this man's head? Because this is something else. So. And said afterwards that he could barely keep as open. He felt drowsy and limp using on the middle of the floor. Again, does not believe that buck raped or sexually assaulted him while he's incapacitated. But buck said you're not high enough for me, I want you to another point. I was so blurred in a situation. He actually pointed me, and when he injected with crystal meth, my body heated up like fire, I saw preparing the drugs the table. He said you've got to watch. I couldn't really stand up. I really thought I was the next person that was going to be ad bucks. House against that Buckton Saney thing he was lying on the floor unable to move and just moved around watching him as we talked about earlier before this report even came out more than about six months, actually know a year and a half ago before this report came out because this came out just about a week ago in two thousand seventeen about a month after Moore's death. We talked about demar love, and those stories you just mentioned where they said that this man likes to find people to inject with drugs. This is what people reporting and watch what happens to them. So this is a part of his process as people are warning fuck in nods. What literally is like shaking me. Mike Boorda the story about him wandering around the apartment while he laid on the mattress lake drugged. And he knows that this man is in his house, and he says that he could feel the spirit of death enter him because he really thought he was going to die and he knew about Moore's death. He knew about it. So he Lilley said I'm going to be another body. It's like chill. So I'm gonna miss a little more because it's honestly just too much. But apparently in the end there was this fight between them, and he called his moms and his affairs going to die and in the end bucket. Paying him a couple hundred bucks to fight back to Minnesota. And they never spoke again..

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