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The line but for all of us it was that was probably is much adrenaline is ahmed coursing through my body in my entire life is it would add just i had this realization that right right then and there that was the real deal that would that this wasn't any video game this wasn't a simulator this was a real mount line within twenty feet of may which is one job essentially mount line in case you didn't know can jump from from just sitting on the ground up to see apartment buildings all over town secondfloor balcony jump brought up on it balcony toying no problem choi n could a jumper run on me and you would have heard the most since he squeals scream out of may at that point oh what a out been fighting but i'd have been making noises a grown man probably should make not in front of people in any way holy cow that was fawn that was so cool man the also found myself in argentina surrounded and i i'd quite literally means surrounded by a herd of water buffalo these are kate buffalo the ones over in africa that are just come stop just to stop you but they're actually bigger and i just look up arms to have once again i'm stand there with a camera full that i am and look up in i've got i've got buffaloes over here to the left i got buffaloes in front of me and i got buffaloes behind me in a couple of move there on the other side an elegant may like why are you in our pasture while i just came out here sheets pictures that had no that though got out of that when to obviously at some fun in some i've been in some sticky situations probably never more scared though that on the water at wing talk about that kind of a year in review type of thing this weekend talk about some scares we've had on the water if you've had one her hey if you've been around a dangerous animal i kind of have one from south texas as a matter of fact and a big cat kind of turned the tables on me.

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