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Oh paraphrase former fbi director coley say no reasonable attorney would allow such a conflicted individual onto its yuri i would be a preemptive challenge for sure i don't think jeff special you should allow this whole issue unfold i think it's because i do agree with you i think at the very least it will be a distraction and i don't think it's the on uh oh oh the possibility that you're would bring some frivolous out up sza a legal challenge you give president trump just a greg into the courts from greg it out at much longer so i don't think you should have ever been alicia mm hmm so i'm sorry it it makes for bad radio win the host thinks about what a caller says because you need to keep pace going but i am actually a i'm just giving thought to which you've said most oh a look it's two thousand seventeen in our politics are rancourous but but walked me through i don't i don't necessarily disagree with yemen it doesn't matter what i walked me through what you say to somebody who says the president cannot just fire a special prosecutor what what are you let's assume you actually give a crap what's your neighbor your employees your bosscher you buddy thanks how do you respond to that well if they were to say that the president cannot fire special prosecutor or or order here's attorney general to fire with special prosecutor whatever the proper protocol is and i would ask them to show me the statute or the federal way relation that prohibits now whether is a good politics to do is good public relations navy not but i i don't know of any statute president trump would be violating were he to fire uh you're you know look i am not certain are not certain on this but there was an allegation when nixon had robert bork fire archibald cox there was an allegation that that violated the statute that had created the special prosecutor and that he could only do so for 'cause i don't know that that's true um i i can't say whether that's true or not i know that at the time that was argue so i guess we'll know soon enough where i can't believe he just said that happens the michael very show of the massive has happened to the iheartradio app listen to your.

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