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The Senate intelligence committee sold more than a million dollars in stock in mid February after learning have devastating a Chinese court of virus could beat he had inside information about what could happen to our country which is now happening but he didn't warn the public didn't give a primetime address he didn't go on television to sound the alarm he didn't even disavow an op ed he'd written just ten days before claiming was America was quote better prepared than ever for corona virus didn't do any of those things instead what do you do he dumped his shares and hotel stocks so he wouldn't lose money and then he stayed silent maybe there's an honest explanation for what he did if there is he should share with the rest of us immediately otherwise he must resign from the Senate and face prosecution for insider trading wow batch cook recalls when talking about the chairman the Republican chairman of the Senate intelligence committee yeah I just got real let's go to tea party Lou Barlow good day welcome Hey good morning was sad good morning I'm sure you are outraged by the actions of these Republican senators absolutely not what's the path this past week my husband I've been watching a series on alcohol use and just all the you know the stuff he did and he finally went to Alcatraz for seven years because of tax fraud if we need to get senator Byrd for some financial saying that's just the start if you go back to you okay are you outraged by what Burr and Lefler have done by dumping their stocks are once they were privately owned the corona virus situation surprise me if you if you are you outrage would you be outraged if president Obama did it I am far far far more outraged by what senator burst into the Warner center Feinstein staffers from the Senate intelligence committee has been doing for the last three years what are you outraged by their actions by what they have done the last three years like I say you know what are you outraged by insider trading all information obtained recalls that okay thank you thanks I am far more outraged by the criminal behavior that they have done in the past three years okay you want to talk what has now what else has he done this report with this Republican senator what else is it well you know if you go back to the starting of your showing you ask you know it it says the corruption is so deep and you say madam your manta in charge the last time that the session came up on my nobody's in jail and I started to go to the Senate intelligence what they just did you hung up and you did want to discuss with the Senate intelligence committee has been an issue for a long time there's been staffers yeah but I'm I'm asking about criminality now if you're saying that this guy Richard Burke has been a criminal for three years I still ask the question why is it that the Attorney General has not indicted him he has no executive protection whatsoever he can be indicted like a regular person whenever you look at the department of justice intelligence ages anything they have to put the Senate intelligence committee is not an intelligence agency I'm trying to explain please do IT trump puts in charge has to first be cleared by the Senate intelligence committee do you think trump could put an Attorney General that would send their little **** to jail ain't gonna happen mark Warner he said the top Democrat he was actually actually coordinating with Christopher Steele and a and a Russian name Oleg Deripaska in part of this whole by keeping our let me correct you on one let me correct or something wait a minute you part of what you're going you're going beyond the premise of the staff okay pardon I have not ignored any of it I allow you to call my show and talk about all of it sometimes your points against it I think you're right yeah when you get ridiculous I hang up the phone okay all right so let's talk about where you're inaccurate the president of the United States is able to appoint with out a confirmation because he has already done it and continues to do so Bob was called into rum assignments of number two are the full Senate must vote in order to approve a cabinet appointees but first they go through the Senate intelligence committee and if you have people if you're telling me Republicans saying no you can't miss right now he's only one vote no that's not true that's not true he's only one vote he does not get to override the committee because it because it is corruption across okay so you're telling me that the corrupt committee as you're calling it a corrupt committee that corrupt committee only puts all the corrupt people into the night it would be nice if we had a media that would actually report on that okay so you're telling me that that Attorney General William Barr is corrupt I don't know he hasn't done anything yet okay let's wait a minute you just said that the committee and the process is corrupt and they only put in corrupt people those are the people that put in Attorney General William Barr that means by association to your to your intellectual linear the platform that this is a corrupt person right well they don't have to be crap they have to be just willing to sit on your **** and do nothing what is in that garage if you're supposed to do something and you decide not to do anything because corrupt people put you in power is that not correct you take you take as you gain well he was the taps that we know we're not going to take James will know where I am right here with William Barr the Attorney General of the United States are you telling me Melty part of low key part of the are you telling me that perhaps the Attorney General perhaps may be called out I'm saying perhaps he will do absolutely okay we'll leave it there we'll we'll take your word for it now you're telling me that president trump we need a man who is incapable of doing his job do you think if he said I wanna appoint Rudy Giuliani that would be allowed to go through with you would want to appoint Rudy Giuliani in his condition want to clear out in his condition the man is damn near see now if you look at it if you look at the senator Byrd you say it's been corrupted for you know million half dollars without trade yeah what are you left thank you okay what do you think it does when you're when you're dealing with trillions of dollars under your control how much longer that's what trump is trump is dealing with trillions of dollars on his control trying to break the lobbyists YC appointed corrupt people they because there's only so many is because you have to find out who is not on the payroll really that's how you do it you you appoint corrupt people to figure out who is not corrupt okay because our media for years has what does the media have to do with him aboard the corrupt people you have to find somebody who's going to clean house in Washington he wants but he's appointed corrupt people that's this fall right I'm saying it we have to figure out who's who is legit not a fire help why not fire him dancing now knows he's corrupt if you if you want why not five your Attorney General William Barr says trump knows he's corrupt now we got to put in place to put anybody chooses as an interim he doesn't have the he doesn't have to get Senate approval to put it in the interim Attorney General you think senator Warner wants to go to jail okay all right I appreciate your call ma'am all right talking points you have holes in them I thank you for talking point aha Sean Hannity talking points four zero four nine two two seven zero three reels menorrhagia this is Darius Pattillo district attorney of Henry county and when I want to get real I listen to real talk with Rashad Richey the realist man on radio on news and talk thirteen eighty W. 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