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The other got something for you for you because of your misaligned why it has to get priority cup of ice chips for her to chew on, God forbid I was out the window. He put some whipped cream on my head and run around like a dumb dumb because that's what day I needs me to do. I couldn't take it anymore. And I'm not looking forward to it. Of course, Sean forbid, God forbid you help your wife out that gave rise to your daughter. Epic Fail u Loser that fish why you fail fabric fail. What Wilmore as get in trouble, the most for after today's show. That's tomorrow's poll question, or today's post show poll question. Will it be a complaining about all the things he needs to do for his wife as she is in labor? Or B. Is it suggesting that she gained weight after meeting more as because she could like he did get lazy? Both of those are on the table. He also can we bury anything else also doubled down on his sister's gaining weight after they got boyfriends. These are all things and fed You are put words in my mouth, did am I What? I want you to clarify. Okay? Don't let me get you and try to clarify all those comments. 7% of all Americans the moment they get no relationship. Let themselves go a bit. It doesn't mean they turn into fat hippopotamus is it just means they get a little thicker, and they're less completely thin and in shape, that's all and my sisters me. Everybody goes for everybody. It doesn't mean you'll become Wales just means you could be thinner than you are and you let the foot off the gas. That's all. It's a compliment. It's a compliment. Well, well, I want to know how that becomes a complicated element. I'm not calling you fat. I'm just saying what we ever it is okay by not using the F word. It's a compliment. Yeah, In a weird way in my head. Yeah. Yes, it is. Yeah, in your head is the problem. You have no idea ever what you're saying. What words mean That's the problem. Hey, we never announced who you're taking on in the pics challenge. That's right. Jerome. Row, please, sir, uh Morales will be taking on Connor Green this year. You O.

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