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The twenty fifth good morning to you I'm Michelle, Fiori seventy five degrees with fair skies headed down. To a low in, the sixties overnight and then later today some. Sunshine and warm high of eighty eight Our top local story on, NewsRadio WB m a. Happy endings of the story of a Special Olympics athletes from Bangladesh who disappeared, outside his Gold Coast hotel last week twenty two year, old res- Juanele. Hawk, has been found safe and Chicago police say there is no evidence of foul play hawk has autism he doesn't speak English concern began when he left the hotel on east Delaware, place Thursday and, didn't return. He also didn't show up for a meeting on Friday hockey travel to Chicago. To participate in the, fiftieth anniversary. Of the Special Olympics which started Friday again hawk has. Been found and he's safe sailors held a moment of, silence, yesterday, after the race. To mackinac, to remember a Lincoln park man who lost. His life during the race. Chicago yacht club Commodore leaf Sigmund said that John Santarelli was well liked a. Triathlete and a good sailor many of you know, John Santarelli many of us here have sailed with. Her against him he, loved the sporting tensely and those who regularly Crude alongside John loved him like a family member of Cinderella fell overboard shortly when the race began Fifty-three-year-old. His body is still not been located fellow crew members set his life fast which was supposed, to inflate automatically under such circumstances failed to inflate in. Northwest Indiana divers have found the body of a woman who disappeared while swimming in, Lake Michigan off Marquette. Beach crews had been looking for Twenty-four-year-old Thira hearty since she and two friends, got caught up in strong currents while swimming Monday night, a passer-by was..

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