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I mean and right now if you're just joining us we're discussing the critical battle for the Catholic vote and it's important and I'll tell you why because trouble got fifty percent all of this vote verses the forty six percent in two thousand sixteen against Hillary and if you look back at history those that got the Catholic vote the first time Klay gets it the second time during reelection because here's the bottom line no Catholic vote no re election that's just the statistics you cannot argue data why Joe Biden creates a problem it's not because he's correct charismatic it's not that he has a plan for America because he has nothing but he has one fundamental thing and again this is why the force of Barack Obama to choose him as his running mate is he's got the Catholic background he's been a lifelong Catholic people will stick with their religious values they feel it's almost the sense of loyalty I know many Catholics are that way my religion my faith the virgin Mary my religion and my faith the bird okay stop number one your face and the virgin Mary do not get you say okay number one don't make me turn this into a theology show because I'll give you a quick theology one oh one and that kind of thinking please into political thinking and Joe Biden knows that why do you think he's always saying you know I've been a life long Democrat because blue collar people in Pennsylvania in Michigan and Wisconsin in Ohio what click when they get the opportunity to vote for one this is a problem why because they will lie and cheat and create all kinds of in your window to make sure that because a Catholic is running I'm gonna make sure my vote goes over here not all Catholics are like that because I know a hell of a lot of Catholics and I used to be a Catholic that are voting for trump many Catholics for trump and I'm just saying it's a little three chapel Catholicism of the bus because I could throw Baptists and Methodists and a lot of different man made religions under the bus as well look I'm a relationship diamond nondenominational guy that's what Jesus really wanted for everybody that's another show but I'm just being honest with you so I'm telling you that Joe Biden has pulled in Pennsylvania Joe Biden has pull in Michigan in Wisconsin in Ohio and there is a tremendous amount of Catholicism and Catholics in those areas the problem and I guess the biggest question I have for you before we go are busy calls is if you're a Catholic how in the hell can you supported Democrat my god if you're a Christian how can you support a Democrat from their belief system about abortion alone should be strong right basically say enough I can't do this you know when I was talking to some people in a lot of people some point is come out and many people are saying that Donald trumps ideology a platform is more Catholic than most Catholics is that true friends for my Catholic friends in the audience for my democratic Catholic friends in the audience how do you feel about this election knowing that Joe Biden probably will be the nominee list Hillary Clinton over hammering we're talk about that in the bottom our old deeper executive do anything we're gonna talk about I want to take your guns Bloomberg here a little bit and Warren they're they're not it's not gonna happen and again that's why come out here said bye bye we're talk about that in the next segment I told you this is the beginning why is it established candidates in the New World order is forcing that candidacy we're gonna talk a lot about that that's what's happening and trust me they're gonna use Catholicism I don't understand why we have this battle for the Catholic vote but it's necessary if you don't have it you don't win the White House period sorry you can argue about that but those are the facts my friends and Donald Trump has to continue to keep getting into the minds of Catholics that it is their responsibility to vote for him because number one he is pro life and that is supposed to be the Catholics biggest thing but many Catholics are live charge that don't care they're hypocrites they basically just want their hypocritical people elected they forget about abortion which is murder and they're okay with many other candidates on the democratic ticket saying yeah abortion even in the ninth month is okay I don't like it do you like it because I don't think you do seven zero two two five seven five three nine six is how you weigh the program what is your thoughts about the Catholic vote necessary to win this next election what are your thoughts if you are Catholic how can you and if you're a Catholic and you're seriously a Democrat then you're voting for a Democrat how do you make peace with yourself at night you talk about trump's marriages and you talk about all this other stuff because your hypocritical most of the time but yet you failed to give me a good answer a good reason why you will vote for a candidate that supports abortion hates Israel and is in favor of same sex marriage no if that's your genre your Christian card you're Catholic card expired so don't give me this once a Catholic Allah Catholic for life bull crap that's not true that's made up jargon and now we go to war busy calls let's start off with Scott tonight you're up first with the stench is welcome to the program she you make this that I can make this up we're not showing whatever a hard time making this stuff up I mean Jill Biden and I or rally very well as honest and is it was fake the big screen that was supposed to bring them back up and the audience and his podium I and very well talking with mail they're gonna have to talking to the speaker we get find them all right put on hold us even if you could let him know he has got to fix well someone just dropped out a year and I hope this button wasn't press press mistakenly so I apologize Sylvia I was just gonna get you on us even if you can let Scott know that he's got to get a better line I just can't hear every couple words that he's saying is is just cutting out a revolution they were to take one more call before bounced break we have time to do that all right let's go ahead and jump over to Pete Europe next with Steve Sanchez hi Steve how are you good thank you I disagree with to your premises I think Obama it shows by because Obama had very limited center experience and fighting with your like amber don't and I don't is the proverbial old pair I mean he's been in politics for at that time probably forty years I'm Catholic I disagree with some of the things he said about Catholicism what strikes me is how Christians of whatever denomination can be critical of the way other denominations worship Christ we all work approach we're Christians are getting back to the politics if a person is conservative the as I am don't vote for trump is values as manifested in.

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