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You know, I always listen to him hollowing all that, but I think it wasn't going to wait. He wanted them to go. But away from the barn, he was a great person. I can't say enough about that. When he was, when we were down in south street in the year of the coronavirus virus, he couldn't be at the barn because of that he had heart surgery and he had to be away from the bone, but every morning at 4 o'clock clockwork, the phone would ring, I know who it is his job. And he was always saying, I want you to train a voice. The way you see free. Every day, he would make that phone call. And the day that phone call didn't come. When he went to the hospital, you know, it just didn't feel right. And then his girlfriend had called me and told me he passed away. And it's kind of shook me, not that I was kind of shook me that I didn't have a job or anything. I did that job point. It's a friend now. The friend part is just shakes you. But he was a great person and, you know, I never worked for him until that fall of 19, or maybe like 6 months, that he passed away, but he was a good trainer. I grew up in Jersey. I've watched him win a lot of races. But I never worked for him. But when I got to know him, when I was in the barn, what I mean, that's when I knew he was a great person. But, you know, he was a great man. And he could train a little too. 526 career winners, his run was earned, nearly $11 million, and as I mentioned earlier, he had several greatest stakes winners as well. So it wasn't like he was winning cheap races when he got a good horse. He knew what to do with it. And you know, I think it speaks a lot to his talent as a trainer too, where he was able to win with horses that weren't great at states caliber, but when he got one, hey, he took advantage of it, didn't he? Yes, he did. Yes, he did. I can't say he was a great man. Right. He was a better, I mean, he was a great trainee with a better person. Yeah. Yeah. Talking with Eddie Owens junior here on trainer talk presented by phasic tipton and I mentioned Eddie now taking over for John who passed away back in 2020 and he is now handling the duties for all of the horses at Holly crest farm and has about ten horses right now and wouldn't mind a couple more, but he's happy with the ten and he's got a good one and speaking coming up in the Gallup bob on Saturday at parks. Eddie, how do you describe your approach to training horses? I'm like a day to day I really don't. I mean, you got to approach it with an open mind, really. Things change from day to day. And we encourage one day to nodded, I mean, I don't want to say they sore, but they're not. Into that day. You're going to back off sometimes. I mean, I just take it as a calm, that means I can't describe it on horses, not to train. The voices don't. It's like going to work every day. Sometimes you just don't want to go to work. Can a horse Eddie that doesn't like to train, still be a good racehorse? If he's willing to put in that little bit of extra effort, every once in a while. I have a silly ear. And I've run for 7500. I want 12,000. And just one day, if you just like, I spoke to me, I'm ready to win that allowance recently. And I stuck her into Jersey Brennan, but I put her in the optional claiming 15 honor. She might not be in the field. I mean, she's trained like the stakeholders. Don't get me wrong. But some days you know, I don't want to do it. You don't want to be anything. I mean, she wants to train. I would bet my last dollar on her to be anyone on the racetrack. But she don't want to do it. It's not getting done. That's not. Yeah, it's amazing how these horses each have their individual personalities. And that's as much the job of a trainer as anything to try to learn those personalities. And deal with, it's just like working with people in some ways. Isn't that Eddie where you have to deal with the different personalities? It's very similar with horses. I call it attitudes. These submarine horses just have bad attitudes. Some have great attitudes. I don't want to call it other than that. Personality, you know, attitude. Some of them just have a bad attitude toward it. They just don't want to do it. Yeah, it's a great profession and every trainer that comes on this show will tell you that this is the greatest sport in the world, but that's all really part of the job of a trainer to figure those things out. Eddie, believe it or not, we're down to about the final four minutes in the program. If you can pull off the wind and the gallant bob on Saturday, it'll be your first greatest takes win as a trainer. What would that mean to you? A lot. I'm not

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